Summer vs. Winter: How to Find the Beauty in Both Seasons

Winter is upon us. The leaves have changed colors and fallen off the trees, and the air is cold and crisp. This change in weather brings about many changes in our daily lives as well. Our previous way of life during the summer months has drastically changed, leaving us to properly adapt and adjust, or get very cold, very quickly.

Now, just because the season has changed and brought about a change in weather, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the winter season as much as we enjoyed the summer. There are two major areas that the season changes force you to make adjustments in your daily routines.

The areas of food and clothing are where you and your family will have to make the biggest adjustments. If you disagree, try walking around in flip-flops in the winter, or wear a sweatsuit in 90 degree weather, and see how great of a day you’ll have! If you prefer one season over the other, take a few minutes to see the beauty in both.


Everyone can agree that, as far as foods go, everybody has their own seasonal favorites, both for summer and winter. We enjoy the barbecues and the other foods associated with summer, but we also love the warm and hearty meals associated with winter. Although both seasons provide mouth-watering foods, our taste buds are usually good and ready for the season to change so that we can taste different foods.

Summertime is all about any and everything barbecue. You literally can take just about any meat, and throw it on the grill. You also can’t forget about the wonderful sides that come with summer cookouts. Baked beans, any type of salad you can think of, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes. There’s so many more to list, but it would take all winter to list them!

Winter is all about your warm foods that “stick to your bones.” This is when your chili, soup, and stew recipes will shine. If you have a staple chili or beef stew recipe, then winter is the time to showcase it.

With the weather being so cold, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a nice warm bowl of soup. The great thing about soups, and winter in general, is that you can easily get up in the morning, throw all your ingredients in the crock pot, and the meal will be completely done by the time you get home from work, or within a few hours. Crock pot meals definitely have all the ingredients for convenience.


The fashion of both seasons serve the purpose of keeping your body temperature normal, and keeping you comfortable; all that really changes is the type and thickness of the fabric. They also serve the purpose of keeping you gorgeous! The kids even get to enjoy the perks of summer/winter fashion. Kids are the ones who have some of the cutest stuff! Your daughter can wear the latest in girls fashion with dresses as sassy as her personality.

With typical summer fashions, you’ll see lots of bright colors and floral prints, where as with the winter, you see clothing in darker tones, as well as in different textures. Tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops are popular fashion trends in the summer, while jeans, sweaters, and boots are common for the winter.

Even the accessories make a statement. In the summer, sunglasses and hats (for shade) are the top accessories, while scarves, gloves, and hats (for warming) are the winter staples. Either way you look at it, each season provides clothing that serves a purpose and makes you look good wearing it!

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