Hotel Chocolat Summer Desserts Sleekster | Review

Is it even summer without the mention of Eton Mess, fruity cheesecakes or sorbet? The thing is, though, they don’t always have to be in their traditional form do they? If you’re looking for alternative desserts, or something to wow at a summer party, then the Hotel Chocolat Summer Desserts Sleekster has got to be on your list of things to try!



First Impressions

First of all, I’m not going to lie, I was super impressed by the colour and appearance of the box. It is pretty and colourful and really suited for summer. It would look good giving to someone as a gift, for sure. It also had a shimmery touch to it as well. Top marks for packaging I think.

Then you go to open the box and the chocolates inside are a variety of shapes, sizes and colours too. They all looked very appealing, and again, would look good as a gift, as well as set out on a tray at a party this summer. I liked the range of flavours too. There are plenty of fruit flavoured ones, as well as some chocolatey ones and caramel ones. This box does contain some alcohol ones that do blow your socks off (I find them strong but the husband doesn’t mind as much). So I think you either love or hate those ones!




Other than the alcohol ones that I’m not too keen on, the others were amazing! As has been said, I think the alcohol chocolates are completely personal preference. So just makes sure you have someone at home (or the party) that likes those ones. The chocolates in the Sleekster are all smooth, creamy and delicious, some being richer than others, but all incredibly more-ish. I love the design of them all too – the chocolates themselves are just so pretty and precise. Even the macaron style chocolate was perfectly even and well designed. You can’t fault the design, look or the taste of them to be honest.



Value For Money

The Sleekster is priced at £22.50, which is quite pricey for a box of chocolates when you just say the price. But you do get quite a few in there (36 of them to be precise). So when you divide it up, it is about 60p per chocolate, which for the quality of them, is completely reasonable. I always find the Hotel Chocolat chocolates the best I have tasted. They are quite rich too, so unless there are lots of you sharing them, they are going to last more than one evening. So for me, I do think they are value for money, though I appreciate that they aren’t something that you’d buy all the time.

As for a gift, I think they would be really suitable. They would work well as a stand alone gift, or alongside something else. You can also get a smaller ‘H-Box’ of this range for half the price, so if you wanted to give them a smaller taste, then that might be in more people’s budgets.



All in all, I couldn’t recommend these enough to you (just for me, minus the alcohol ones). They taste good, look amazing, and are of a really high quality.

Have you ever tried one of the Sleeksters before? Would love to hear what you think!

Rebecca x*the Sleekster was gifted in exchange for this post – all opinions are my own.

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