Summer’s Hottest Interior Trends Revealed

Summer is almost here. It’s within touching distance, and this means that it’s definitely ok to start embracing new season fads. If you fancy a bit of a revamp at home, here are some of summer’s hottest interior trends.


Spring is all about fresh, neutral shades and crisp notes. Now that summer is finally on its way, it’s time to swap muted colours for beautiful brights. Think jewel-coloured palettes with a Moroccan vibe for all-out opulence, or playful blocks of orange and brown for a retro 70’s vibe. Experiment with statement walls, or let your accessories do the talking. If you’re not brave enough to don your overalls and paint your walls neon colours, you can bring the room to life with carefully selected accents.


Mix and Match

Summer is usually a little less formal when it comes to both fashion and interior design. Now is a great time to mix and match some different styles and eras. Brighten up a modern neutral kitchen with some art deco cushions. Add a zig zag rug to a traditional Edwardian hallway. Rejuvenate an old wooden rocking chair with a printed monochrome throw. In the kitchen, combine old-fashioned clocks and solid wooden tables with granite surfaces and glass vases.


The warmer, longer days have got many of us dreaming of exotic escapes and it seems the interior design gurus are sharing the same wanderlust. Search for ideas and home accessories online. You’ll find everything from swaying palm wall stickers, to pineapple shaped candles. Play around with vivid flamingoes for your decking or give Hawaiian floral prints a moment indoors. Fill cut glass vases with oversized bunches of tropical flowers, such as Birds of Paradise. This trend may not stay for long, but it’ll be fun while it lasts.


Modern Luxe

If you like the finer things in life, you’ll be pleased to hear that modern luxe is the talk of the town. Think iridescent fabrics and thick pile carpets. Pile cushions high on a 4-poster bed, or create feature walls with marble-effect paper. This trend is particularly popular for bedrooms and formal dining rooms. Don’t be afraid to go overboard if this is a style you love. If you’re a little less audacious, stick to opulent accessories. Complement vintage dressers with stylish, intricate mirrors and ornate bronze candlesticks.



Versatile Spaces

More and more people are spending time working from home and this has contributed to a growth in popularity of versatile living spaces. If you don’t have enough room for a home office, you can easily channel this functional trend by creating distinctive areas. Use ornate screens to section off an area of your kitchen, or switch up the decor to create two rooms within one. Create a quirky workspace with a pendant lamp and a brightly coloured chair. Or go for something more formal with a modern desk and matching filing unit.

You don’t have to go crazy and change every room just because the summer is here. But if you do need an excuse to update those interiors and bring a bit of colour to the walls, feel free to get decorating!


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