Review: Super DC Vitamin Drinks from Gusto

As anyone that knows me knows, I do love a fizzy drink! But the drinks of choice that I would normally reach fro don’t usually have any benefit to health, other than being low in calorie. I know that I need to have them less often, which is why it has been great to be able to try out a fizzy drink that has health benefits, from the Gusto.

Super DC drinks with benefits

The drinks themselves, found here: come in two flavours, blood orange and elderberry and blackcurrant. They were created last year in the first lockdown, as a way to help people make healthier choices and have a great tasting drink that actually is of benefit. During a global pandemic, a drink that helps to give the immune system a boost sounds like a good idea to me! And with them being in handy sized cans (250ml), they can be packed in a bag, taken on the commute, or consumed on-the-go, as well as enjoyed at home, really easily.

The drinks are packed full of vitamins, with high strength quantities of vitamin D and vitamin C, giving you over 200% of your recommended daily intake for vitamin D, and 2500% of your daily intake of vitamin C. You can see why it has the DC name, with the super strength of those two vitamins! The drinks also contain vitamins A and K, and zinc and folic acid. These are all vital nutrients to helping our immune systems, all year long. With a lot of these being at the level of your recommended intake for each day, you know that you are getting what you need, especially when life starts to get back to normal and things start to feel busy again.

Great taste

It can be all very well talking about a drink that does good, but it needs to taste good at the same time. Otherwise it’s like trying to force myself to like kombucha just for the gut health benefits, which isn’t going to happen! The flavours of the drinks are so good, making a really tasty and refreshing drink, but such a benefit knowing that the drink is doing good too. They are also around 60 calories each, which is good to know.

I like that there is a little bit of fizz to the drink too, but not ‘in your face’ with fizz, if that makes any sense?!

Value for money?

The cost of the drinks are approx. £1.99 each. This is more than a regular drink would cost, so I don’t think that it would be something that I’d pay for each day. However, having some in the house to have every other day, or even once a week, is going to be a benefit.

For what you get, they are value for money as they are packed full off goodness. The ingredients are all quality too, so that is important to remember. I just wouldn’t get it as a drink to have daily. The drinks are also free from refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, which is another reason for the price tag, I think; you pay for quality ingredients that will benefit your health rather than impact your health.

Going forward I can see these drinks being great benefit to key workers to have in their bag for on their break, as well as those wanting to be healthier and give their immune system a boost from home. I think they are a really great idea as a product, as as they taste great too, what is not to love?

They can be found on the Gusto website, as well as on Amazon, at Holland & Barrett, and other natural trade retailers in the UK – RRP £1.99.

Have you heard of these drinks before? Do you think you would like to give them a try yourself? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the drinks were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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