The Superfoods That You Need in Your Store Cupboard For Winter

How cold was it yesterday and overnight? I left the house with just a cardigan and instantly regretted that decision! I need to stop being in denial that we are pretty much starting winter now. So long autumn, you’ve been great.

We’ve all had a few sniffles and coughs in the past few weeks too. So the cold weather brings with it some sickness and viruses. I like to use natural medicine as a first port of call and eat as healthily as we can. But what are the best things to be eating in winter? In summer it is obvious; blueberries filled with antioxidants are in season then, as well as things like citrus fruit and kiwi. So here are some superfoods that are important to have in the winter time.


Root Vegetables

Though for me with PCOS, too many starchy carbs aren’t a good thing, root vegetables are fantastic for the majority of people. Vegetables like parsnips, turnips, celery and beetroot are high in fibre. They are also full of minerals that they absorb when growing in soil. So to get maximum nutrition, organic is best where possible. They are best when roasted, or can be boiled and used in soups. Things like celery can be eaten raw too.


You might have some pumpkin left over from Halloween and wondering what to do with it. As a member of the squash family, it is perfect for roasting and eating (a traditional carving pumpkin might not taste the best, though). You can also boil and mash squash or pumpkin and add in some garlic or parmesan, for a tasty side dish. They are full of beta-carotene which is great for your immune system as well as your vision and eye health. Just what you need for the dark winter days.


Chia Seeds

These are small but they certainly are mighty. Chia seeds are rich in essential fatty acids that our bodies need, and are meant to help us to cut down our cravings. Sign me up! You can add them to smoothies, make a chia pudding with them or just sprinkle over cereal or yoghurt.


I am a massive avocado fan. For someone with PCOS, I have been told, that half an avocado a day keeps the hormone doctor away, so I’m all for it. It is full of magnesium, potassium and monounsaturated fats. They help to combat ‘bad’ cholesterol in your blood. You can mash it and spread on toast, slice in a salad, and even use it for chocolate mousse or in baking.


Maca Powder

I always have maca powder in my cupboard and I love the malted smell of it all. I mostly use it in baking treats that are free from refined sugar. You could use it in porridge, in smoothies, as it has quite a nutty taste. It has many benefits, though. It is perfect for use in winter, as it helps with your energy, stamina, and mood levels, due to the levels of iron in it. It has more calcium than milk too.


Ginger is perfect for use in warm drinks in winter, especially with some honey and lemon to fight off a cold. It is the perfect remedy for a sore throat too as it has been proven to reduce inflammation of the throat. Just make sure that it is root ginger, rather than ground.

What are some of your favourite things to eat in winter?


*collaborative post

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