Supermarket Home Delivery : Review

There are a few reasons why I order my grocery shopping on-line.

1. I have a toddler

2. I spend less

3. I can add things throughout the week so nothing is forgotten

4. I can choose the deals I want more wisely (if I’m in the actual shop I tend to just grab what I want to eat there and then)

5. It doesn’t take long

6. I can arrange for delivery to suit me

I have been ordering on-line since having Max really so I have been scouring the sites for the best offers, deals and delivery options. With what I would class as quite extensive knowledge on the subject, I thought I would review the ‘Big 5’ on-line grocery sites and their service.




– It has one of the cheapest deliver costs (average £2.99).

– You can ‘Click & Collect’. This is handy for me as I do live close to an ASDA store so may as well go and pick it up rather than pay a delivery cost.

– I haven’t had to have many substitutions from them and when I have, they have always been suitable.

– You can do the ‘ASDA’ price guarantee with your receipt and you usually get a voucher for some money off.

– Any like-for-like trolley shop is always the cheapest with them.

– Low minimum spend of £25.


– The customer service really isn’t the best. I have had three occasions where some / half of my order wasn’t delivered(?) and when I call to ask when it will be delivered I was told on all occasions that it wouldn’t be. My money was refunded but means I have to go and re-buy it in-store. Kind of defeats the object of on-line shopping….

– The delivery drivers I have experienced have been a bit slap-dash. Leaving you to get the bags out of the crates, not explaining the receipt well or asking if I am happy with the substitutions etc. I get that they are probably busy but it’s called customer care…

– I have once experienced receiving a text the morning of my delivery saying that it can’t be delivered and I must call to rearrange. I didn’t want it delivered the next day so I cancelled it and went to the shop to re-buy it all. I got back from the store and about and hour later had a driver knock on my door with my on-line order! Ridiculous!

– There are no offers for first on-line shop or money off when spending a certain amount.

– No loyalty scheme.

Overall Score: 1/5




– There are always regular emails offering free delivery or money off.

– You can order right up to 11pm the night before and the delivery slots are one-hour rather than what most sites have which are two-hour ones.

– The drivers have always been thorough in explaining things to me, asking if I’m happy with things and always polite and offer to bring the bags through to the kitchen.

– On the rare occasion that there are substitutions, they have always been suitable.

– They do a price match on branded groceries so you can possibly get a voucher.

– You can collect Nectar points.

– Low minimum spend of £25


– If you don’t get a voucher or email for free delivery, it is one of the most expensive (average £4.99)

– Not everything comes up on the website. Sometimes, when I know there are certain products I want, they don’t come up on the site, though I know Sainsbury’s sell them. Their basics range also doesn’t come up in searches unless you actually type ‘basics’. I know they want you to spend more money but it’s a bit cheeky…

Overall score: 4/5




– Always completely free delivery.

– Best store for organic products.

– Never had a problem with ordering and the drivers / customer service is brilliant. They bring the bags to you and ask where they should put them, very polite drivers and I get called ‘madam’ and everything!

– Bags are colour coded for easy unpacking – you know what is for the freezer, and which is for the cupboard etc.

– You get money off your first five orders. There is a minimum spend of £75 each time but you get £5 – £25 off those five orders.

– Their ‘Essentials’ range is much better than other supermarket basics items.


– High minimum spend £50

– Overall, it is the most expensive store. Though they do a Tesco price match on certain products.

– No loyalty scheme.

Overall score: 4/5




– Low minimum order.

– Low deliver cost (average £2.50)

– Good customer service and have never had a problem with a delivery.

– They do a price match so you can possibly get a money off voucher.

– You can collect Tesco club-card points.


– I have always had a few substitutions when ordering from Tesco and they haven’t even been particularly strange items, just low stock I guess.

– Tesco’s own brand items are lower quality but higher prices than say, ASDA or Sainsbury’s own brand things.

Overall score: 3/5




– Big money off vouchers off your first shop and from time to time subsequent shops (usually £20 off)

– The items are a mixture of Waitrose and Ocado so it makes an overall trolley slightly cheaper than just shopping on the Waitrose website.

– No problems with subs and had no porblems with any of my orders.

– One hour deliver slots.

– Good customer service – you are emailed before hand letting you know who your driver will be and which type of van (onion, lemon, strawberry etc) to look out for.


– No loyalty scheme.

– Expensive delivery (average £5.20) and if you don’t spend over a certain amount you are charged a higher rate. There is a discount card you can buy to make delivery cheaper if you want to order with them regularly.

– Minimum spend of £40

Overall score: 3/5

I must say, that these ratings are only valid for the home deliveries from said supermarkets. If it was just a review based on just visiting the store and buying the items yourself, then the scores would probably change slightly, particularly ASDA. I’ve never had a problem in store with them but in my experience of the hom shopping with Asda, they have just not been up to par.

Where do you prefer to shop? x


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  • Hi Rebecca

    Really interesting post, obviously chuffed that we’ve scored 4 stars! To your point about certain products not being available online even though you know we sell them: we operate a store picking model (our deliveries come from stores, rather than depots) and your local store might not be the delivery store for your area (you should be able to see which store you get your deliveries from on the receipt). Each store has its own range tailored to its size and customer base, so sometimes products are available in your local store but not in the store which delivers your online shopping.

    Phew. Hope makes sense? You can always use and let us know if there’s a product your keen to order.

    And you can be sure we’ll pass on your comments to the online team, especially the one about basics not showing up.

    Kind regards
    Thomas @ Sainsbury’s corporate affairs team

  • I find online shopping really handy but, now my girls are older, the supermarket shop can be a fab experience- oh my word, can not believe I just said that!! So much to see and talk about and all that. Having said that it can be an utter nightmare!!
    I think Tesco do a fab job but I am very impressed that Sainsburys took the time to respond above. All the supoermarkets seem to be trying to up their game now we are becoming more picky and less loyal as customers….watch this space hey!

  • I have only ever used tesco and asda and both were great and did the job. I always seem to get substitutions if something isn’t in stock but no problems if not wanted as they just take it back and process a refund. I’m loving tescos new £1 delivery such a bargain. thanks for linking up via #GoldenOldies