Surviving Rainy Days With Pre-schoolers

With the weather over the next few weeks looking uncertain, and half-term almost at our doorstep, it’s time to think ahead to indoor activities that will keep our little ones busy!

Let’s get right to it with a handy list of ideas that might just help you keep your sanity if poor weather keeps you indoors…

Make your own mini afternoon tea

Everybody loves a tea party, both adults and children alike! Gather your little one’s teddies and dolls, and lay the table with finger food and treats. How about some dainty finger sandwiches, carrot sticks with dip, and an array of fruit and sweet cupcakes that they can devour? This makes for a lovely play date idea, and the children can even make their own sandwiches from pre-cut bread and fillings to extend it for longer play. As real tea might not be appropriate for this age, anything from diluted juice to a cooled fruity herbal infusion will do the job well. So long as there is a light, easy to pour teapot for little hands to have a go with. At cafes, a toddler tea party can carry a higher than expected price tag. So, DIY-it and save those pennies for something else!

Watch and play along with Bush Baby World toys

On drearier days, there’s nothing better than to curl up the kiddies in a blanket and put on their favourite shows to watch. Bush Baby World have an assortment of sweet videos on their YouTube channel which bring their toys to life! Children will love to watch these cute stories unfold featuring cuddly toys that are available to buy. Follow each Bush Baby as they go on adventures and show their own unique personalities. The toys themselves are designed for 4 years + and come with a comb for their funky hair and a delicious scented tummy in different “flavours”.

Check out one of their full length videos here:

Create a sensory station

If rain makes going to an actual sand pit a recipe for disaster, why not recreate one at home? From sand to water, dry pasta shapes to rice… there is no limit on the combinations of textures you can add to your very own sensory station. Simply purchase a large shallow plastic tub and fill with your choice of materials. Little ones will love using mini buckets and spades to play with, which can be picked up cheaply from pound stores. To keep clearing up time short, lay the tray on a table or floor space covered with a wipeable or disposable table cloth.

Go on a scavenger hunt

This was one of my favourite things to do as a child and… (being a true Monica from Friends) …I loved organising them for other people to! Simply write cards with instructions or directions and place one at each destination which follows on to the next. For example, the first might say “find me where the cheese is kept!”, and so the child will head to the fridge where another clue awaits them. It’s best to plan this the night before and follow the game along yourself first to make sure the clues work and are in the correct order. With Easter time approaching, you can really tailor this to the season. Each card could be cut into the shape of a bunny or chick. Plus, unlike egg hunts that require many small eggs, a scavenger hunt can end with one big boxed egg – yum!

Get colouring

As well as being fun, colouring pictures can give you and your little one a moment of calm if staying indoors is giving you all cabin fever! Before half-term begins invest in some new pens, pencils or crayons in a good array of colours (many stores sell special editions with glitter and metallic colours). Also, buy some new colouring books that your child hasn’t seen before so they can enjoy the novelty of a fresh new selection of pictures. If you like, you can pick up some adult colouring books and play along with them. This will encourage your child to continue with the activity longer than normal because they will be watching you doing the same! Time will soon fly, and you can give the completed pictures away to family along with some chocolate treats for Easter.

I hope you enjoyed some of my pre-schooler ideas for rainy days.

Please comment below and share your ideas!

*This is a collaborative post, but all thoughts and ideas are my own.

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