T2 at John Lewis: The Perfect Gift | Review

This past weekend, my family and I decided to go shopping to Bluewater as it has all of the shops under one roof that we like to visit (not to mention that Jenson Button was doing a signing of his new book and my husband is pretty F1-obsessed). So we headed over to spend a few hours on Saturday. After seeing the queues we swiftly decide that we weren’t likely to get to meet the man himself and headed off for lunch and a mooch for an early Christmas gift (though we did spy him through the shop’s window)!

One of my go-to stores in the Bluewater shopping centre is John Lewis. It is definitely one of my first choices when it comes to Christmas shopping too. The range of products available means that I can pick things up for my children, husband, and parents, all in one. So I thought I could get a head start on some Christmas shopping while the kids grabbed a doughnut with the hubs.



As I was browsing, I saw a stunning range of tableware from T2, featuring cups, saucers, tea accessories, teapots, and tea itself, all in the prettiest and most colourful designs.

Very striking with their Moroccan inspired designs, I think that they would make the perfect gift.

After investigating further I saw that there was a tea tasting too. From English breakfast to green tea, there were several choices. As I’m pretty much a fruit bat when it comes to tea, I tried two fruity teas; Fruitalicious and Green Rose.



Now, I am a little picky when it comes to tea, but these were both exceptional.

The Fruitalicious tea was my favourite, though. Sometimes I find fruit tea a little weak in flavour, but these were just as I like them. I don’t like it when fruit tea tastes like slightly flavoured water, and this was far from that. Really vibrant in taste, with a hints of cranberries, blueberries, dragon fruit and goji berries. Really fancy and exotic and reminded me of my travels in Thailand. The tea would work well hot as well as iced, and at the tasting, it was served cold with sliced peach in the jug. I will definitely be trying it like this myself; it was a great addition to really bring out the rest of the fruity flavours, as well as giving it an extra fruity punch.

I think it could be the fact that it was made from loose leaf tea, rather than a tea bag (though they do a teabag range for on the go), that made the flavour stronger than other fruit teas I have had in the past. It was honestly one of the best I’ve ever tasted and bought myself a couple of boxes there and then.

But what is tea without the right teapot?

So I chose myself a glass teapot too as I didn’t have one to use the loose leaf tea with. So pretty yet simple, I was so impressed with the design of the glass teapot. It really is a talking piece to have in the kitchen, especially when serving guests. I have been so pleased with it and couldn’t recommend the range enough. Well made and worth the money.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.08.10


Have you ever heard of the T2 range before? I think they would make great gifts this Christmas; I certainly will be asking Father Christmas for some matching teacups!

Rebecca x*Thanks to John Lewis for inviting me to the tea tasting. All opinions are my own.

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