With spring around the corner (or at least I am hoping it is, there doesn’t seem to be many signs of it yet), I have been looking at various fashion blogger’s posts about NYFW and… View Post

With the cold weather still upon us, snow forecast and the night times are still getting dark early on, I am still in hibernation mode. Once the school pick up is done, we get home,… View Post

As a teenager, my dad would often describe me as a bit of magpie. I liked shiny things and liked to keep them hidden away so none of my three sisters could use them! I… View Post

We love to travel and visit other places. One of the great things about travel is that you get to visit various hotels and not have to think about housework for a week or two.… View Post

The summer weather over here in the UK has been a bit hit and miss. I don’t know what we were expecting, though? Luckily, if you have been able to enjoy a summer holiday, here… View Post

Ah bathrooms, mainly forgotten corners of the house that serve the purpose of cleaning ourselves and using the toilet. A well designed bathroom, though, can make you feel like a celebrity. Just think of Will’s… View Post