Greener, leaner and once you make the initial investment it could save you a fortune in travelling costs – more and more of us are waking up to the life-changing benefits of cycling, whether it’s… View Post

It has been over a month or so since my last update about Breeze. If you’ve missed one of those posts, then Breeze is a programme set up by British Cycling to get more women… View Post

It feels like I haven’t done an update about Breeze and my journey to becoming a champion for Breeze for quite a while now. The last thing I did was my first aid course, which… View Post

It probably won’t surprise you that in order to become a champion for Breeze, you need to have some knowledge of first aid. Breeze is a British Cycling initiative to get more women involved in… View Post

With going on holiday, kids off from school and Easter, I hadn’t got round to updating you all about how my journey to become a Breeze Champion was going. The last post was about getting… View Post

One of the massive blessings from having this blog, are some of the exciting opportunities that I have received as part of it. I would have never have signed myself up for a triathlon unless… View Post