Writing this over the weekend led me into a false sense of spring. Last week is was really lush, but now this weekend it hasn’t been the most spring-like weather. But I still hold out… View Post

With the lovely sunny weather that we have been having, it has been so nice to get out in the garden more and more. Especially late into the evenings when it is still nice and… View Post

People that have followed my blog for a number of years will know that around this time I will start harping on about strawberries. We have been growing them for quite a while in our… View Post

With spring in full swing, (supposedly anyway), it might be time to make a few changes in your garden or outside space. Bulbs should be sprouting and flowers should be started to bloom. We’ve got… View Post

Living in the city or an urban environment, does mean you have less chance to enjoy a garden. There are many homes in London which have gorgeous gardens. However, these tend to be pretty pricey.… View Post

Though it is still pretty chilly outside (and half of my garden is still not defrosting each day as it is in the shade), there is no time like the present to get your garden… View Post