The school holidays can be really fun. I love having the break from routine and not having to necessarily rush around each morning. Hello to being in pyjamas until after 9am! But it can be… View Post

With just a few days to go and it nearly being half term, here are some fun cupcakes you could make with the kids. You could use gluten free flour if you’d prefer and they… View Post

I have been really enjoying the summer holidays and having both children at home all the time (Max attends preschool a few mornings a week, ususally). Though it can be tricky thinking of activities for… View Post

Some parents are completely against letting their children use the internet and other pieces of technology. But others recognise computers as useful educational tools. Not only can your kids learn useful skills from the internet,… View Post

If you are anything like me, gardening can be a lot of work – and I’m not just talking about the physical aspect. It can be very hard to get anything done at all in… View Post