If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll see that I have been using some shakes to shift a bit of weight, and so far it has been doing the trick. I have those shakes, made up… View Post

When I first had a baby, trips out, although it could take a while to leave, were relatively straight forward. Baby would sleep for the majority of it, and would be fed like clockwork every… View Post

Many of us are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. We are aware of some of them, such as car fumes, etc. But did you know that toxins also enter your home? Read on… View Post

Wow, we are now in July! That is so crazy to me. With the start of a new month comes a roundup of the month before, in this case June, of my favourite things. I… View Post

I have had real problems with my energy levels lately. I seem to be quite busy with life, work, kids and all the usual home related things. I am normally quite good at meal planning… View Post

I have heard about oil pulling as a way to whiten teeth. I know there are one or two brands that make the ready to ‘pull’ kits. I had seen quite a lot of them… View Post