“A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless…” I am a huge fan of having photographs around the house! My parents used to have their home filled with lovely family photos… View Post

As a blogger and a parent (OK, just a person in general), I take a lot of photographs. I mean, a lot. I don’t share all of them but they are still all stored on… View Post

I am a bit of an Instagram addict and love taking lots of photos. Thing is though, they are all left on social media, or here on my blog, and I very rarely print them… View Post

I have been blogging ‘properly’ for nearly two years now. I don’t think that you don’t need lots of equipment to blog, as long as you have a laptop or computer you can get on… View Post

The theme for this week is BLUE. I love this picture of my son in his blue coat on the beach. Blue also makes me think of how we felt on this little trip as… View Post

I am growing more and more in love with Instagram! I was a bit late to the party joining, as with most things, but it is basically my favourite social network. I follow lots of… View Post