I have shared both of my birth stories separately on the blog before, but I am going to talk about them again as they are pretty unique. It will be interesting to see if any… View Post

For a lot of women, getting pregnant is a lifelong dream. Being able to carry a child and bring them safely into the world is, without a doubt, a miracle. Although being able to get… View Post

Chronic hypertension is defined as blood pressure above 140/90 mm Hg that is present before pregnancy or that develops before 20 weeks of gestation. Although chronic hypertension does not directly affect a woman’s ability to… View Post

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It must be rather confusing for children to witness a huge baby bump rapidly emerging from the mother’s stomach, and weirder still to hear there is another child in there, particularly if your other children… View Post

The life of a new parent is busy one; that’s for sure! There’s so much to do. Between feeding their precious little bundle, to changing nappies and getting used to the total lack of sleep?… View Post