Is there anything better than taking some time out for yourself and enjoying some time at a spa? I don’t really think so! Though, if you’re anything like me, it will be quite a rare… View Post

Just after the half term a few weeks ago, the boy had an inset day at school, so we thought it would be a good time to do something while most other children were back… View Post

My children love to be out and about in the countryside! If they could be outdoors all of the time, then they would be very happy indeed. So a camping trip outdoors is lots of… View Post

Since having a child in school, we have come to realise just how expensive it is to travel in the school holidays. It is something that we will still try to do, but it just… View Post

It seems that since I’ve had a child at school, I am always counting down the days to the next school break or inset day. It really does fly when you count down the time… View Post

Cecil Rhodes is reported to have said that one should ‘remember that one is an Englishman, and has consequently won first prize in the lottery of life’. Whatever he may have meant by that, there… View Post