Take These Leggings On Your Travels

Leggings are not just for yoga anymore. Manufacturers have countless designs available making it easy to pack multiple pairs of leggings to suit various activities and needs. Have a holiday vacation planned for the near future and are not sure what clothes to pack? Well, leggings are fast becoming a staple in every woman’s wardrobe so be sure to pack the ones you need. But how do you know what types of leggings are available? In this article, we break down the various types of leggings available so you can pick and choose which ones best meet your getaway plans.

Why You Should Pack Leggings

The right pair of leggings can worn in a variety of situations. They are, without a doubt, a multi-tasking piece of women’s apparel. They can be worn as they are for lounging around the hotel room or running errands downtown. You can wear leggings under a dress or skirt to provide additional coverage. If you are traveling to cooler climates, a pair of leggings worn under pants will keep you cozy. They are comfortable enough to be your go-to outfit on the long flight to your destination. Whatever your plans, there is a perfect type of legging available for every occasion that can be worn in style. 

Here’s a look at the many different types of leggings available.


From bright colors to camo leggings, shapewear helps you to look your very best during whatever the plans are for the day.  Shapewear is designed to gently pull you in where you want compression so that when the day ends you don”t have to worry about whether you can get out of these. Instead, they pull where they have to and make you look fabulous enough to want to wear these all day and all night.


Have some physical activities planned on your trip itinerary? Activewear leggings will get you through anything from hiking to biking and everything in-between. They are made to be extra durable so they will make it through any way you test them and still look great while being stretched to the limit.  You can’t pack your luggage without at least one pair of activewear leggings because they will keep you comfortable while you keep going through the motions of your holiday.


Have you heard of pile lining? It’s that stuff that feels soft against your skin and keeps you warm at the same time. Cold weather leggings are a must if your holiday is close to home or takes place somewhere where the temperature dips at night or is at a time of year when the sun is further away from the planet. A pair of these leggings will also wick away moisture keeping you cozy. The bonus is that they are not bulky making them essential for layering.

Old-School Classic

Ah, yes. The classic.  You know the type. They are of the right thickness, not too thick and not too thin. They feature a mid-rise waist that sits comfortably where it should and not above or below where it should be. The waistband is of the right width, not too narrow or thick but holds everything in place. The material is comfortable in that it fits like an extra skin but is soft and moves with you. Nothing beats a classic and a pair of these are perfect for traveling.


Being pregnant on a holiday is going to be a lot of work, no matter how you approach it. Luckily, there are maternity leggings on the market that have your comfort in mind. The design permits them to stretch and accommodate second and third-trimester body shapes without digging, pinching, or poking. With moisture-wicking fabric, a secure elastic waist, and plenty of stretch, you will be glad you packed some of these with you.

Ultra Cozy

The soft fleece fabric is what makes ultra-cozy leggings such a treat to wear at the end of a hectic day of seeing the sights. If your plans include curling up in an armchair near a fireplace sipping a warm mug of something, you will enjoy that moment even more with cozy leggings. They are also perfect for lazing around on a Sunday after sleeping in and opting for a slow start to your day. A pair of these are a must and won’t take up much room in your luggage.


Do your holiday plans include many special events and classy venues? Then you will want to have a pair of high-style hipster leggings on hand. They are a classy update of your standard leggings with stitching and compression in just the right places to slim and support you. They are made of sweat-wicking material so if your evening out includes dancing or other physical activities, you will remain cool as a cucumber.

Velvet Leggings

Looking for something to wear to the classy restaurant, hotel piano bar, theatre, or some other venue that requires a bit of dressing up? Well, nothing dresses up leggings quite like velvet.  These are the perfect upscale choice for anywhere that regular leggings won’t quite give you the right look to fit in.  Also, with the right pair of velvet leggings, you can pair them up with the classier pieces of your wardrobe and look stunning.

Secret Pant

These are a bit of a cheat but they do serve a purpose.  With a design that features a bit of flare and straight hem, the secret pant leggings allow you to wear something that looks like pants but isn’t. Besides, pants are not always comfortable and if your day will be spent outdoors seeing things and going places, the secret pant leggings will move with you while the relaxed fit will keep you engaged in the activities you planned.


Sometimes you need to reach for that one tool that does everything with ease. Consider a pair of inexpensive all-purpose leggings as your multi-tool of choice. They will be stretchy enough to move as you move, and will still be comfortable enough to be worn underneath something. Plus, a pair of all-purpose leggings can fill any gaps in your wardrobe or you can wear them when another pair of leggings are in the wash. These are a go-to must for your trip.

Final Thoughts

When packing for your special getaway, don’t forget to include some leggings. Depending on what you plan to do while on vacation, there are types of leggings that are perfect companions. Pack as many as you need because leggings will not take up as much room as slacks or pants. Choose what you need and have a great holiday.

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