Take Your Hobby To The Next Level

Got a hobby that you’re passionate about? Want to take it to the next level? There are lots of ways in which you can challenge yourself in order to get more out of a hobby. Below are a few different ways to progress a hobby once you start getting more serious about it.

Master a niche

When developing any hobby, you have to start by learning the basics. Once these basics are covered, you can then start looking into more advanced techniques. This could be a great time to find your niche. Let’s imagine your hobby is playing guitar or crafting jewellery – a niche could include learning classical guitar or specialising in chain maille jewellery. By delving deep into a niche, you can try to become an expert within this area.

Monetize your hobby

It may be possible to start making money from your hobby. This could include selling crafts, doing paid performances or teaching a skill. The internet has made it much easier to monetise hobbies – you can sell your own homemade creations to people around the world on Etsy or offer a service such as singing or writing on Fiverr. You may even be able to turn your hobby into a business. What better way to make money than by doing something you love. Just be sure that you’re prepared to take on any admin and demands that could come with it. 

Study your hobby and gain qualifications

You could become a certified expert within your hobby by gaining qualifications. Qualifications could include anything from musical grades in an instrument to belts within a martial art. You may even be able to study a formal course or university degree related to your hobby such as a photography degree or baking technology degree. Qualifications could be obtained for your own sense of pride or they could enable you to pursue a job related to your hobby. Either way, it’s a great way of taking your hobby to the next level.

Join social groups dedicated to your hobby

There are social groups out there dedicated to everything from knitting to board games. Joining a social group could be a chance to meet like-minded individuals who are interested in your hobby. It could be a great way to make your hobby more social and perhaps an added opportunity to learn and challenge yourself. 

Start your own social group dedicated to your hobby

If there isn’t a local group dedicated to your hobby, why not create your own club? This could be anything from a book club to a running club. If it’s a very niche hobby and there is unlikely to be a strong local community, you could always create an online community. There are many platforms that can allow you to create your own social group online to share your hobby achievements and learn from each other. 

Start a blog or vlog

A blog or vlog could be another way of sharing your hobby with people. Blogs consist largely of written content and images – you could use this as a hobby diary or you could offer tips related to your hobby or collaborate with other hobbyists. A vlog is meanwhile made of video content – you could create a series of videos to showcase your hobby achievements or provide video lessons. Both blogs and vlogs can even be monetised, turning them into a source of income. 

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