The Importance of Taking Care of Your Feet

How important are our feet to everyday life? The answer is extremely. How else would we do our daily exercise, stand up, or even function? There’s no way. So it’s vital that we take care of them otherwise you might be in for a rough and ready ride.

We need our feet for everything don’t we? Yes. We do. All this pressure on just one 26 boned body part. We need them to walk the dog, play football and swim or just to move from A to B. Most of us are on our feet for our jobs for at least some of the time too, whether it be nursing and taking care of the wards all night or teaching and strongly making a point. Yes, our feet suffer through a lot of wear and tear. This highlights the importance of footwear, be it stilettos or slippers but there’s nothing quite like stripping it all off and going bare is there? Feeling the air rush through your toes is quite an experience. A certainly happy one and one that is ever so healthy. Let them breathe and stink out your neighbour.


Our feet are so fundamental to our daily exercise. Whether we walk, ride a bike or hit the treadmill, what are we using? Yes, that’s right. If we don’t use our feet, our health will deteriorate rapidly into the realms of heart disease and cancer. So make sure you stay on your feet. They really are so important to our body.

And we do look after our feet don’t we? Well most of us do. How about foot massages, nail filing or pedicures? A treat for feet. Pros for toes. And when the worst happens, there’s always a quick solution. We can either go to our mainstream doctor or alternatively go specific and see a foot specialist. It’s a fact that the feet are the furthest body parts away from the heart so it’s vitally important we get the blood pumping there. No one likes snuggling up to a cold foot do they? But seriously, health problems can definitely occur because of the distance. Think athlete’s foot, bunions or neuromas. Even if you don’t like sport, keep your feet moving by doing simple feet exercises. This won’t require a lot of effort but will do wonders for your circulation and balance. Alternatively use a tennis ball and roll it under your feet for a moment.

Single and ready to mingle? Here’s some dating advice for you. Sort out your feet. Yes, potentially they will end up seeing your bare feet so make them look as attractive as possible. Clip your toenails and wash them regularly, even between your tiny toes. You’ve been on your feet all day and they deserve that extra bit of tender loving care don’t they? So why not make them gleam and shine?

Feet are one of the most important parts of the body so treat them and look after them like they care for you. No mean feet right?


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