Taking Care of You

When you become a parent you have a lot less time on your hands and a lot more priorities, most of which are way above taking care of yourself.  But as the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.  However hard it may seem it’s really important to prioritise taking care of you as well as the kids and your partner.

Here are simple and effective ways to take care of yourself.

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1 Exercise

Exercise has so many benefits when it comes to taking care of you.  There’s the endorphin rush when you complete a workout.  The fact it improves your fitness and strength.  And the huge benefits it has for your mental health.  Whether you like running, zumba, yoga, or getting your HITT on with Joe Wicks, find what works for you and make time to do it.

2 Wash your face

Implementing a night time skin routine ensures you carve out 10 minutes of time for yourself every day and take care of your skin at the same time.  A nighttime skin care routine, repairs the damage caused by pollution and UV during the day.  It nourishes and rejuivates so you can wake up fresh faced.

3 See friends

We all have those friendships that are simply good for the soul.  Make time for people you can belly laugh with and put the world to rights with, because you will feel infinitely better for doing so.  We are all busy and time goes quickly, but try and plan monthly get-togethers.

4 Health

You wouldn’t dream of not taking care of your family’s health, but the same should apply to you.  An essential part of taking care of you is taking care of your health.  Don’t brush things under the carpet.  Visit the doctor if you have any niggles or concerns.  Don’t forget to visit the dentist to have your teeth checked and discuss requirements such as dental implants.

5 Hobbies

Make time at least once a week to do something you love.  Reading, gardening, painting.  Whatever it is that gives you a sense of fulfilment, or calms a hectic mind, make time to do it.  It’s a good skill to teach kids from an early age too.

6 Time by yourself

Parenting is loud and it’s busy.  It’s essential to have time by yourself to keep centred.  This could be 10 minutes each day where you sit in the garden and enjoy some fresh air and practice some mindfulness.  Or it could be your partner taking the kids out for the afternoon and you enjoying a long soak in the tub and your favourite movie.  You will feel replenished for it.

7 Sleep

An essential element of taking care of you is sleep.  We are all cranky without it.  Gone are the days of leisurely lie-ins.  Getting an early night when you need it works wonders.  Also ensure you are getting good quality sleep by reducing your caffeine and screen intake before bed.

Taking care of you is important.  Make time for yourself.

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