5 initial tasks to do when moving into a new home

You are bound to feel a lot of emotions when it comes time to move home. While there is a lot of excitement as you start this new chapter in your life, you’ll also have a list of tasks as long as your arm.

That’s where The Plastic People can help. The stockist of high-grade splashbacks has come up with this list of the first five things you should do when moving into your brand-new abode. Everything else can wait until you’re settled.


  • Only unpack the absolute essentials

Deciding to unpack everything you own when you first move into your new home is impractical, not to mention a choice that will just leave you stressed. Instead, put all of the essentials in one or two boxes when packing up to move — think bedding, towels, toiletries, a few kitchen items, some clothes, food, drink and your children’s or pets’ favourite toys — and clearly label these so you know to unpack them first.

Until you’re settled into your new abode, all other boxes can be left packed and stored safely in a spare room or garage.

  • Get those important utilities up and running

You won’t want to be living in your new home without running water, electricity and gas, so it’s important that you get these up and running as soon as possible. You should have arranged to have these main house utilities connected ahead of moving in.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with your home’s circuit breaker box too, so that you’re aware of the controls should something go off without warning. Find the main water valve as well, so that you can quickly get to it to turn it off should you ever encounter a plumbing emergency.

  • Arrange to get your locks changed

How confident are you that a stranger hasn’t got a set of keys to your new? It’s best to err on the side of caution and change the locks on every exterior door for your peace of mind.

A top tip is to arrange for a locksmith to arrive at your new house come moving day, so that you can make the place more secure at the earliest possible opportunity. They will also be able to get keys cut for everyone who needs them, sorting out that task too.

  • The first clean

It’s much easier to clean your new home when the rooms are still bare than attempting the task once all of your furniture has been put in place. Plus, it allows you to get off to a fresh start.

Don’t forget about your garden too. We aren’t saying that you should work up a sweat turning your garden into an outdoor sanctuary immediately — pulling out the weeds, giving the lawn a cut and installing some lawn edging will be enough to make it look smart while you’re still getting moved in.

  • Familiarise yourself with your new neighbourhood

Spending the entire first day of moving into your new home inside the property will only get yourself stressed. Therefore, when you begin to tire from all the unpacking and essential chores, take some time away from the work by enjoying a relaxing walk around your neighbourhood. This leisurely stroll will give you the opportunity to see the shops and other businesses that are on your doorstep, as well as hopefully allowing you to introduce yourself to a few neighbours.

These five initial steps will surely have you thinking of your new house and neighbourhood as home in next to no time.

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