What to Do When You’ve Got Too Much: Tasty Leftover Turkey Recipes

If there is one thing most people do, it’s cook too much for the holidays. It could be that we fear not having enough to go around, which is usually the case. However, it could also be that some guests who were invited couldn’t make it for one reason or another. Most holidays there is always an abundance of leftovers which eventually go to waste, so this year, try something different. If you’ve cooked too much turkey, try out some tasty leftover turkey recipes that will be totally different from the meal you’ve just eaten too much of on Thanksgiving or Christmas day.


Starting with the Turkey

One of the easiest ways to save turkey so that you can easily use leftovers is to either roast a boneless turkey breast or even a turkey breast with back portions if that’s what you choose to do. Some people like to use the bones in the coming days as a base for other recipes, so it’s really your preference. You can find delicious recipes for roasted turkey breast on sites like pocketchangegourmet.com, and each of the recipes you find will have a budget-conscious cook in mind.

What to Do with Those Bones!

How many people do you know who pick the turkey clean while throwing away the bones? What a waste! Take those bones and throw them in a pot. Cover the bones with water and let them simmer a while. Strain the bones out, add some diced turkey and vegetables and you’ve just made turkey soup just like grandma used to make and healthier for you than you know. Don’t like soup? Then use the juice from the boiled bones to flavor gravies to be used in other dishes.

Turkey Tetrazzini to Die For

Are you tired of hot open-faced turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas? If so, why not try a simple turkey tetrazzini recipe that is easy to make and very, very quick. The most time consuming part of the entire meal is boiling the water and cooking the pasta. Linguine works well, but spaghetti will do just fine. While the pasta is cooking, make an alfredo sauce on the side. Add the sliced or diced turkey to the sauce and let it sit until you’ve drained the pasta. When that is done, simply top plates of pasta with your turkey alfredo sauce and you have a meal sent from heaven.

No More Waste

These are just a few innovative ways to use turkey leftovers, but there is one thing which is perfectly clear. You don’t need to waste those leftovers and you certainly don’t need to suffer through the usual hot turkey sandwiches the next day. A little bit of creativity goes a very long way and before you know it, you might not be waiting for the holidays just to roast a turkey! Those tasty turkey leftover recipes will have your mouth watering once you’ve got the knack of it.

Don’t waste a single morsel because you can transform literally every part into the most delightful dish you can imagine.

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