Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Wallpaper

There is something about wallpaper that I really appreciate, compared to using paint. From making my rooms trendy down to its easy maintenance and installation, I will always find quality wallpaper to match my personality and interior design.

Read on as I show you the top ten reasons why I love wallpaper, especially the designs from Ever Wallpaper, and why you should, too!

  • Digital Designs 

During the past few years, technology has made wallpapers even better to use with the use of digital print. It’s a game changer for interior design and you’ll now be able to post ANY type of image you want for your walls. You can use photographs, your own art, or any type of custom wallpaper designed. These digitally-printed wallpapers are easy to install and remove, making it something you can change every now and then for your own preference and design.

  • You Become Bolder 

Do you have a boring and drab room with simple or white paint pasted all over it? Then change that with the right type of bold patterns from quality wallpaper! Eye-catching patterns or dramatic colors will be able to transform boring rooms to something modern and lovely to look at. Opt for wallpaper which matches your decor with bold lines, vibrant colors, or geometric shapes!

  • Go For Green! 

Right now, there has been much craze with green and botanic decor, as it brings life to all types of rooms. Whether you’re going for a boho style or minimalistic design, having foliage or flowers around your homes is the best way to add brightness and love around. And what’s a better way to add more greenery than having a virtual garden on your walls? Have a clean white room with a tropical feel with lovely walls of flower prints and murals.

  • Paint VS Paper 

Have you ever thought about painting a mural on your wall instead of wallpapers? Well, that’s where I tell you that the latter is way better to do, especially for those who are unable to paint on their own with messy paint and some imperfections. Wallpapers are easy to install and more cost-effective. They are also more durable than paint, lasting ten years or more compared to paint that lasts for just a few years. You’ll have a professional look without the hassle or extra costs of a painter or extra supplies!

  • Large and Awesome 

Did you know that having a large mural on your wall will be able to add a huge wow factor to all types of rooms? Whether it’s a dreamy night sky for your child’s bedroom or a photograph of your whole family in the living room, you can style the room the way you want to without overdoing it on furniture and other loud designs. It’s a simple way to have your small room look awesome without the clutter.

  • Have More Texture 

When you’re styling the room, texture is one of the crucial factors and your walls are no exception to it! If you want to go for a traditional style, go for textured wallpapers for its lustrous feel. If you want class, then opt for shiny metallic’s or embossed effects.

  • Fake Your Design 

Have you ever wanted your walls designed like bricks, metal, or solid stones? Then you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars destroying and building new walls! Having wallpaper with a patterned design similar to it will be able to help you achieve that awesome design.

  • Play Safe 

When you’re styling your child’s bedroom or nursery, safety is another crucial factor. Not only should the patterns be beautiful and fun but the wallpapers should be non-toxic and safe to breathe. Fortunately, there are wallpapers available and made of HP-PVC free material for safety!

  • Not Only For the Wall 

Another great thing about wallpapers is that they can be used for flat and dust-free surfaces. You can use them on ceilings, doors, or even your stairs for an easy installation and awesome design that everyone will love. It’s that versatile!

  • Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! With the right type of wall paper, you’ll be able to learn how to appreciate it even from the start! It’s not only easy to install but gives your room the unique design that paint won’t be able to do. And with a good wallpaper installer, you’ll be able to have the ultimate wall makeover that will upgrade your home!

I hope that these ten reasons why you should love wallpaper encouraged you to start making the right investments for your home, particularly your wall. So don’t wait any longer and start looking for awesome wallpaper today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with wallpaper, then comment down below.

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