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When it comes to eating out with the kids, it doesn’t happen that often. I don’t particularly have fussy eaters, just a son that changes his mind from day to day on what he likes. So it can be a little awkward knowing what he will eat. We try to do it every now and again, though. That is when all of us are in the same place at once! This happened last week, though, when we popped along to the new menu at Thaikhun restaurant in Guildford.




It was easy to find, right by the high street. We use to live in guildford a few years ago, so it took us down memory lane to our newlywed days! First impressions were really good. The decor of the restaurant is amazing. It looked super authentic and just like you are in Thailand, looking for street food. We were in Thailand for the first time last summer, so it took us all right back to last summer. There are signs written in Thai, as well as flags, and general Thai decorations. The lighting was quite yellow – hence the look of the photos! It had a really relaxed feel to it, though, and the staff were friendly and helpful.

They explained to us how the menu worked and what worked with what. There were so many choices! I am pretty obsessed with Thai food so it was difficult to know what to choose. I liked that the meals were labelled as healthiest options, vegetarian, containing nuts and gluten-free. Perfect for those of us that might have allergies or a strict diet. We were given prawn crackers while we ordered drinks. I always think that is a nice touch, especially with children. My two love to just munch on things as soon as we sit down!



I chose the red curry in the end, and the husband chose the sea bass meal. I got major food deny when I saw his dish come out, but after tasting mine I was so pleased with it. It had pineapple pieces and grapes in it, which I have never had in a red curry before. It was so delicious, though. Really fresh and tasty.


The children’s menu was great too. It was fairly simple food, but with a Thai twist. But hey, simple works with my children so it was fine by me. Max had jasmine rice, stir fried vegetables and a satay sauce. Chloe had noodles, chicken and and BBQ-style sauce. The children’s meal included vegetable sticks, a lolly for dessert and a drink of juice and water. For £5.95 I think it was a bit of a bargain and total value for money. The portions were generous but they cleared off most of it, so pretty much winning in that department.


The kids were getting an ice lolly for their dessert, so it made sense that we had to try some dessert too, right? There were quite a few lovely sounding options. Between us we had a gluten-free chocolate tart, the crust made with almonds, and a Thai chocolate coconut bounty.



With drinks, main courses and dessert for four, it came to just over £50. I don’t think that is bad at all. Plus the food all tasted good, and we had things like coconut water to drink. I would definitely go to Thaikhun again. There seems to be a bit of a gap in the market for good quality Thai food, other than somewhere like Wagamama. A lot of people think children wouldn’t like this kind of food either. My two practically cleared their plates. So I think it is a great family-freindly option. There are currently only 8 Thaikhun restaurants in the UK, but I hope there are more and more coming soon.

Do you like Thai food? I’d love to hear what you think.


*we dined as guests of Thaikhun, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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