That Feeling That Something Needs to Change

Do you sometimes feel as though you are stuck in a rut? Have you ever empathised with the frog in the well – the one who slips back two steps for everyone he takes trying to get out? You may have kept these feelings to yourself because you know objectively that you have a lot to be grateful for, but for some reason, you can’t shake that feeling of dissatisfaction with your life. Is there anything you can do about it or is it just humanity’s nature to never feel content with their lot?

Why you might be feeling this way

That itchy sensation of something being amiss without being able to put your finger on the source is not uncommon in modern society. In previous generations, the focus was largely on making enough money to survive, and anything else was a bonus. The wealthy didn’t have that problem, but many of them led unfulfilled lives, looking to alcohol and narcotics in an attempt to rid themselves of their disappointments. In general, Western societies are more well-off than at any time previously, and survival worries only affect a minority of the population, yet dissatisfaction with life doesn’t seem to diminish. There are a number of possible reasons for this feeling, but the primary cause is usually related to a sense of not having achieved what you want to in your life.

Achieving your goals

Your goals are very personal to you and may be modest or highly ambitious, but no matter what they are, if they remain unfulfilled, you will always have some sense of failure. It is a common trait in humans to wish for more and strive to get it. Some achieve it through hard work and dedication, others through different ways, but once you have enough to provide for your physical needs the drive merely changes direction. At this point, you find the separation between people who are happy with their lives and those who aren’t. In simple terms, the unhappy keep on going after the same goals of more money, more power, more fame and so on, while the happy concentrate on achieving the things that will bring them personal satisfaction.

How to make a change

Sometimes people think they need to change their whole lives to find happiness. That may be the case, but it depends on what you hope to achieve. If you want to move to the Highlands and set up a self-sufficient homestead lifestyle, then yes, your whole life would have to change. If, however, the thing you want most in the world at this point in time is to stop smoking, then looking for help and support are what you need to concentrate on. Finding a method that works for you is the key, so find out about e-cigarettes at a Vapeshop, buy a self-help book, and contact your local NHS Stop Smoking service.

There’s no shame in feeling dissatisfied with what seems to be an enviable lifestyle. It just means that there is some aspect of your life that needs looking at, a goal that hasn’t been tackled or a challenge that needs meeting. Once you’ve identified it and started working on the solution, you’ll find you’re on the road to contentment.

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