The Benefits of Adding Rooflights to Your Home

Rooflights are something you see more and more of in a variety of spaces nowadays. It could be in somebody’s home, perhaps in a garage or loft conversion, an office or shopping centre. I always think rooflights really add to any space and so here are four benefits to rooflights so if you’re thinking of adding one you can see the benefits it can bring.

Reduces electric and heating costs

Installing a rooflight has a distinct style and design benefits which I will come to later, but one advantage which could go unnoticed is the reduction in electricity can heating costs to your home.

Rooflights let in natural light, and in rooms such as garage conversions which may not have large windows, this can be a great benefit to a room. Not only does it save you from buying additional lamps or lights, but it also saves the electricity cost of running the lights.

Along with light, rooflights can also introduce more heat into a room through solar gain. If you have ever stood next to a window on a sunny day, you will know how much heat glass can bring to a room. This can also save you money on heating bills and help the environment by lowering the amount of energy used which is produced by fossil fuels.   

Improves health

While it’s not possible to get the essential Vitamin D through windows, there are still health benefits to windows and rooflights. One advantage, particularly for people who work in an office building which doesn’t have much natural light or just in an indoor space all day, is helping regulate your body clock.

The access to natural light through the day helps keep your body clock in check, and a rooflight can be a great source of this light. Also, the relationship between our mood and access to natural light is strong so bringing more natural light into a workplace or your home could make you feel happier.


As mentioned before, rooflights can bring more heat to a room. This may well be a bonus in the colder months, but during the summer months, it could be an issue. Thankfully you can install rooflights which open and therefore bring cooling ventilation to the room.

Again, this is done without the need to turn on fans or air-conditioning, which both use electricity.  

Design/aesthetic of a room

The advantages from a design point of view to adding a rooflight to a room are extensive. With architects striving to increase the amount of light in rooms, having a natural source in the roof is an effortless way to achieve this.

Depending on the room you choose the added light can highlight a feature such as in a kitchen, placing a rooflight above a breakfast bar or a beautiful coffee table in a lounge. The effect of a shard of light coming down directly into a room can be stunning.

Overall, adding a rooflight can have aesthetic, economic and physical benefits and there is now a wide selection to choose from to fit with your specific design style and space needs.

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