The Best Essential Oils To Use for Household Cleaning

I am on a bit of a journey of discovery with essential oils at the moment. I have used them for a while now for beauty purposes and for my skin. I have even used them for medicinal purposes and treating minor ailments. They are a great thing to clean with, though.

A lot of the cleaning products that will be in your home, re filled with chemicals and toxins. So when you use them around your house, it is obviously filling your home with these toxins and chemicals. Using essential oils to fill your steam mop will fill the air with natural goodness – who knew you could use mother nature to clean?


Essential oils are made by steaming or cold pressing raw plant material. The essential oils are the liquid essence of the plant. They can do more than just make your home smell amazing too. They can disinfect, purify the air and even remove stains. No chemicals anywhere, people. Essential oils are also naturally antibacterial so makes them brilliant to clean with. Not all oils are good for cleaning, though, some are certainly better than others. My favourites to clean with are:

Lemon Essential Oil

Add a few drops to your favorite homemade cleaners to infuse the scent of lemon throughout your home. Lemon oil can also help brighten and remove stains. When you clean floors, add a few drops to the water and if you make laundry detergent, add a few drops in there too.


Peppermint Essential Oil

The scent of this one is obviously distinctive. it is antibacterial so perfect for cleaning with. Add a few drops to homemade spray cleaners – it is best to use in areas that have the most germs, like the kitchen or bathroom.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Made from the Australian Melaleuca tree, tea tree essential oil is antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It works well to get rid of mould around the house, so areas like showers or near windows. Mix a couple of teaspoonfuls of tea tree oil into a spay bottle with water. Don’t rinse off the mixture, just let it do its business. It smells great too.


Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is definitely good for cleaning cutting boards and worktops as it is antibacterial. It is also a great oil to use for the smell – it can lift your mood and help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

Have you used essential oils before? Make sure that you get therapeutic grade oils – my favourite brand to use is doTERRA. This isn’t a sponsored post, just sharing my love for these oils. You can buy some from therapeutic grade essential oils from HERE or feel free to ask me some more about them.

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