The Emotions Behind Buying a House

Buying a house means something different to everyone and behind every home purchase, there can be a whole range of different emotions.

However, this is an important decision that can have a huge effect on multiple aspects of your life both now and in the future. We spoke to some expert Rise Park estate agents who gave us their top tips and advice for understanding the emotions behind buying a house and how to help navigate them throughout the process.

● Love

After waiting, saving and searching, falling in love with a property is one of the best parts of buying a house. This can be a very powerful emotion and as much as you might not be able to help falling in love with a property, be cautious by;

– Not visiting any places that are outside of your budget. The worst thing you can do is to see a property you love but know you can’t afford it.

– Don’t stretch yourself or compromise on any of your non-negotiables just because you love it. If you fall in love with a 2 bedroom but know that you need a 3-bedroom house to accommodate your future or growing family, then stand your ground.

● Disappointment

Unfortunately, disappointment is an emotion that you must be prepared to experience when buying a house. The property market can be a ruthless and cutthroat place with buyers being outbid, deals falling through, chains collapsing, and offers being rejected which can mean missing out on the home of your dreams. From the start of your search ensure that you;

– Understand that until completion day, it is possible for sale to fall through.

– Get a feel for whom you are buying from. Putting yourself in a large, complicated chain increases the chances that things will drag out or collapse altogether.

– Measure your expectations and prepare for the worst. This isn’t about being a pessimist but being realistic so that you are not blindsided if something goes wrong.

● Nervous

This is a completely natural reaction which can be felt for a number of reasons. Maybe you are first time buyers leaving your parents’ home, maybe you are going from renting to owning or maybe you’re making a big move to a different area or part of the country. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of nerve-wracking moments to contend with when you are buying a house from making an offer and getting your mortgage accepted to survey results and completion day. Be sure to stay calm, be patient and if necessary, distract yourself where possible to take your mind off the waiting.

● Excitement

You have every right to be excited about buying a home and even though you may go through a whirlwind of emotions along the way it’s important to try to stay as level-headed as possible. Remember that if anything does go wrong that there will always be other properties and when it does go right then enjoy the ride and have a bottle of fizz waiting to celebrate as you unpack in your new home!

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