The Fat Burn Revolution

I’ve joined the revolution – the Fat Burn Revolution! ūüėČ

I have always exercised, especially due to my previous career, but as of late, I have just been lacking in motivation. But step up Julia Buckley and her new book ‘The Fat Burn Revolution’. I’m feeling motivated now as I do much better when someone just tells me what to do¬†and we have a big holiday coming up in June that I hope to have lost two stone by.

Anyway, the plan lasts 12 weeks and there are daily exercises (5 or 6 days out of 7), most of which are only about 20 minutes which for me, is perfect to fit in and then doesn’t leave me exhausted if I want to go running or something too. From what I have been doing so far, all exercises are clearly demonstrated and explained which is great (I have been a personal trainer before but sometimes people call exercises slightly different names than other people do).


Mr U got me some adjustable free weights for Valentines Day (how romantic) but you definitely need some weights to be able to do the exercises at home properly.

I have been doing it for¬†just over a week and¬†am feeling it already! Looking forward to the next 11 weeks and I’ll¬†report back on progress and let you know what I think to the¬†book.. I have taken my measurements before I started and even took some ‘before’ pics (no-one will ever see these unless there is a dramatic improvement)!! The programme isn’t necessarily about losing weight but toning up and changing body shape.

Wish me luck!

Mama and More


Rebecca x

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*I have been gifted the book in exchange for an honest review.

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