The Four Top States to Visit

The United States of America is, in many ways, like the European Union. Yes, they all speak the same language, but each state is unique in its laws, cultures, norms. Not to mention how geographically varied each state is from the next. Visit America, and you get a continent, not a country, which is why the best way to visit it is not to treat it like its capital or biggest cities, but to go on a road trip so that you can soak in the atmosphere and sights. If this is your first time visiting America, however, consider starting at these top four States to visit.

New York 

New York will always be a top state because it contains what is often considered to be the greatest city in the world, New York City. Whether you are a fan of Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any of the surrounding areas, NYC has it all and has something for everyone. From the best restaurants to the best shops to the best markets, there is so much to discover and so much to enjoy. Go in winter for the picturesque snow and Christmas lights, go in the autumn for the passionate mix of autumn colours, or summer for all the fun in the sun. There is a lot to do and see in this state.


California is America’s golden coast. Not only does it have two of the greatest and most well-known cities in the world, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but it is also home to eight national parks. From stunning scenery to amazing cities, if there is one state you will want to do a road trip through, it is this one. Pick a from your choice of luxurious vacation home rentals to act as your base camp, and take your pick of amazing coastal cities, monumentally sized trees, and some of the best national parks the world has to offer.


Arizona is a must for one reason and one reason only – the Grand Canyon. Often considered to be the most impressive and visually striking canyon in the entire world, the Grand Canyon is usually on everyone’s travel bucket list. There is nothing like it in all of Europe, and once you are done admiring its mile-deep chasms, there are other national parks and dramatic desert scenery to enjoy.


Alaska is tied with California for its national parks, but unlike the sunny coastal state, Alaska has something unique that not many Britons experience – tundra. You can enjoy mountains, glaciers, and stunning forest sights that you and your whole family can enjoy. Be prepared, however, as it is very possible to become stranded if you go during a winter storm.

America is spoiled for world-class cities and natural beauty, which is why it should be travelled as slowly and as thoroughly as possible. That way, whether you go for the city sights or the stunning landscapes in nature, you can create your own memories and have time to see and do everything on your list.

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