The Importance of Romantic Holidays

All couples need to reconnect with each other from time to time.  It is just so easy to get swept away by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, from children’s schooling and activities, busy jobs, social events, and all the things that make up what your everyday life is. Sometimes months go by without having a truly meaningful conversation or spending quality time together; I know that this can be true for my husband and I. I am often working late into the night, but he is out all day, leaving very little time to properly talk, other than who is doing what ‘life admin.’

I think that most couples would agree that spending some time away from friends, family, work and technology is something that can give them the opportunity to find themselves and each other again, remember the romance and why you actually like each other, and have a fun time together.

Travel company eShores know the importance of this too, especially in the run up to valentine’s day. Travelling might not be possible for everyone during Valentine’s, but you can still create a romantic night-in, inspired by one of your favourite places to travel to. We went to Rome a couple of years ago and it definitely tops the list of our favourite cities, so a Rome-inspired meal and treats together has been a fun thing to plan.

If you are able to get away from time to time as a couple, then here are some of the reasons why you should make an effort to do so; it can work wonders:


After deciding on a weekend away or a trip together, organising it can be very exciting.  Often, the anticipation is one of the best parts of going away, and finding a place to stay, looking at different locations and planning the logistics around it can be very exhilarating.  You can look forward and make plans together.

Reduce Stress

It is good for your mind (your mental health), and body, to take some time out to rest and have a break from routine. Being able to get away from daily stressors and having some time off work and usual commitments for a while (even if just a short time) is beneficial to both of you. Studies have in fact proven that women who take frequent breaks are much less likely to suffer from depression; that has left me convinced, when can I book a flight?

Strengthens Relationship

During a romantic break, couples get to spend quality time together.  Being able to communicate in a relaxed and fun environment where you can really talk about life, how you both are, and properly talk and share.

Increase in Productivity

 Not being in the office for a few days is always a good thing; you can get some quality rest and take a break from technology. Then when you’re back to what you do normally, you can go back feeling refreshed, with a renewed energy, making you more productive.

Renews Intimacy

Spending time with your partner in an intimate setting is just the thing you need to spice up life in the bedroom. But not only that, it an just generally bring you close together. It is hard to think about when the last time my husband and I just walked hand in hand together, as we are usually occupied holding the hands of our little ones.  So just talking a walk arm in arm together is something that can happen when there is just two.  A romantic getaway is what every relationship needs, so something that you’ll really get your money’s worth with.

Have you got plans for valentines? It would be great to hear what you think – do you get away as a couple from time to time?

*this is a collaborative post with eShore. All opinions are my own.

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