The Ins & Outs Of Planning A Family Trip To India

India is known for a number of things, from its breathtaking landscapes, culturally diverse religions, and rather manic drivers to its incredible cuisine and rich heritage. There’s no getting away from the fact that India can be a real culture shock to the system: it is somewhere that, quite literally, has to be seen to be believed. 

Being such a huge country, India – with its diverse culture and unique way of life – can seem somewhat intimidating when travelling with kids in tow. While this country may seem complex to plan a visit to, it really isn’t – it’s just a case of doing your research and being smart about how you plan your trip. 

A family visit to India can be an incredible experience, just as long as you are clued up and plan each aspect of your getaway carefully. To make the planning process a little easier, have a read of our guide to the ins and out of taking your family for a vacation in India. 

Be aware that you won’t see and do everything

When you head off on vacation, it’s normal to want to be able to see and do as much as possible. However, packing your trip with too many activities can cause unnecessary stress and can actually ruin your time away. Don’t try and fit too much into your schedule, or you will end up with tired, bored and frustrated children. Instead, plan to do one activity a day, and spend the remainder of the day having quality family time, playing in the pool or relaxing in the sun. Make a list of the must-see sights and attractions for your trip, and schedule your time around ensuring you can do as many of them as possible. 

Plan a trip that’s as naturally free from stress as possible

When travelling with children, it’s a good idea to ensure that your trip is designed to be as family-friendly and free from stress as possible. You might find that by opting to look at India holiday packages online that offer a variety of trip types, you can find the perfect one to meet yours’ and your family’s travel needs. A package holiday can work well if you want to cut costs and ensure that as many of your travel costs are included in the initial price of your trip as possible. Plus for fussy eaters, package holidays can offer the ideal solution, as often all the food is included and the kitchens tend to offer western choices along with more traditional Indian cuisine. 

Be mindful of culture

Don’t forget that in India, certain forms of dressing are considered culturally offensive. You might be used to wearing small amounts of clothing when the weather is hot at home, but in India dressing in this manner can be seen as being offensive. The last thing you want is to upset the locals, so make sure that you are aware of how you should and shouldn’t dress, and respect the culture by covering up in certain locations. For instance, it might be fine to wear a swimsuit on the beach, but not being covered up while walking through a market may cause offence. 

There you have it, some useful tips and advice for planning a family trip to India. Hopefully, the above ideas will help to ensure that your trip to this incredible country is as fun, enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

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