The Joy of a Garden Party

Spring is in the air and it’s time to embrace the warmer weather and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether that means going on long walks or pottering around in the garden, a little fresh air is good for the soul.

We all know fresh air is great for children, too. It’s a welcomed change to have the little ones running around the park instead of stuck inside on tablets.

What better way to enjoy the outdoors with your children and family than celebrating outside? Forget about throwing your child’s party in the confines of your own home; don’t stress about a mass tidy up before your guests arrive- let alone clearing the aftermath.

There’s no need to book your local village hall at this time of year when there are plenty of outdoor locations available for your special occasion. The joy of a garden party is that there is plenty of outside space to encourage children to be active and run around. There can be lots of places to hide away, create treasure hunts and hidden areas they can discover throughout the party.

Here are a few ideas on how to plan the perfect outdoor children’s party:

Pick a great theme: A theme is really useful when planning a kid’s party. A few favourite themes are Safari Animals, Outdoor camping, Cowboys & Pirates, Circus party, Mad Hatters Tea Party, Mini Olympics, Traditional Garden Party or a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. You could also base your theme around the seasons and holidays, by including an Easter egg hunt, for example.  

Set the tone: Just like with any event, the invites set the precedent for what’s to come. They’re the first thing that gets them excited about the big day. What will you give away? How about little army tent images for a camping adventure party?

Decorations: The natural setting of a garden rarely needs lots of decors, but it is always good to bring in that extra touch. Why not decorate your gazebo with a cluster of colourful balloons? Bunting also looks great outside and is so easy to attach for a pop of colour.

Theme your Food: Children are often too excited to eat at parties but, when the food is fun it makes all the difference. How about using animal shaped cookie cutters for the sandwiches? Food boxes are another great option for garden parties and are so much easier to clean up and recycle! Why not set up a BBQ station under a gazebo? Garden Camping sell a wide range of gazebos that would be perfect for your outdoor party. Another way of making food fun is to hire carts for the garden. We love vintage ice cream trikes and pick ‘n’ mix stands!

Entertainment: Are you going for a mad hatter’s tea party? Then why not have Alice herself join the party? Hiring characters is a great idea for any kid’s party. They bring the event to life and give the parents the opportunity to relax.

An Outdoor Surprise: Did you know that some petting farms can bring animals to your party for a surprise appearance? This will be so exciting for your mini guests as well as educational and informative as the children get to play and interact with the animals!

Activities: The best thing about being outside? The kids can go wild and get creative without worrying about the mess! Set up a few craft stations that work with your theme and let them get their craft on; whether its mask making or cake decorating, no child will be bored at your party.

Good luck on your quest to plan the outdoor party of dreams! We wish you the happiest celebration!

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