The Killers

I was reminded recently why it is important to have good friends. Our good friends Hailey and Ben sent us a text a few days ago that really put a smile on our faces.

“We have got some spare tickets to see The Killers at Wembley on Saturday night – do you want to go?”

We thought about it for all of 1 second and promptly replied with a big fat YES! Off to Wembley we went…

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It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, ever! I had such a great time, they are amazing live. Here are two cheeky little videos from the gig… (they don’t do it justice but you get the gist)

Thank you to our good friends! They were able to get the tickets through Tickets for Troops, through Ben’s work. If you want to donate to the charity, you can do so HERE.


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