The Last Trimester…

It’s the final countdown now… 8 weeks to go!

When I was pregnant with Max, people could continuously tell me ‘just enjoy it, next time will be completely different’ or ‘you’re lucky you can take naps’ and so on. I would just smile and nod and not really take it all in. But what can I say, they were all right!


I don’t know if it’s because I am having a girl but for me, this pregnancy has felt completely different right from the start. I luckily had no sickness, other than feeling quite headachey and just wanting to lie down a lot (poor Max has probably never watched so much cbeebies those weeks) whereas with Max I had sickness at first but then, pretty much no other ‘symptoms’ after about 14 weeks. I was working full time with Max, right up until two weeks before the due date so there was very little time for naps and resting but this time around, good grief, I could win gold for sleeping!

Everyone that has at least one boy and one girl has told me that girls are much more high maintenance than boys so maybe this little lady is getting me prepared already… haha. Anyone agree?

I have been nesting like crazy! Seriously sorting, cleaning and organising basically everything (these are things that I quite like to do anyway *loser* but it has become so much more extreme). The moses basket is out and ready, blankets and sheets washed and ironed and I’ve even got the outfits, hats, mits etc ready that I will be taking to hospital with me. Crazy lady, much?

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty much like a beached whale, as baby girl is measuring pretty large apparently (let’s face it, I’m never going to have petite children) but am so blessed to be having another baby. I won’t wish her to come soon though, she can wait until due date at least, as I now know what joys come with a newborn… 😉

Rebecca x

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