The Lost Art Of Keeping Cosy

Winter is right around the corner now and, if it isn’t, it will be at some point in the next six months and you can never be too prepared. What this means for you, your home and all things Christmas is simple: it’s time to get your cosy on and then keep it that way.

Some of you reading this may be getting super-excited at the prospect of all this, while some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking the last thing you need is more expenses right now. Well, that is where we come in because we’ve pulled together a list of easy and inexpensive ways for you to keep your home free from the cold. Yes, knowing the number for a home heating oil company with a snappy delivering promise is crucial, as is weatherstripping your windows and doors, but these ideas are that little bit more, how do we say, fun.


  1. DIY Draught Excluder

Pinterest is a rabbit hole for DIY ideas and you could literally be on their site for the rest of time and never reach the end. So, to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth, we going to point you straight to the DIY draught stopper, which is a must-have on the cozy front. That gap under your doors is just infamous for creating a mini-gust of wind when you are trying to keep warm.

  1. Rug It Up The Right Way

Some of the biggest culprits in the losing heat game are your floors. They are huge spaces that have very little in the way of insulation, meaning the heat just escapes through the gaps. A great way to prevent this is to lay a big rug down, and the thicker the pile the better.

  1. Curtain Timing Is Crucial

Yup, it’s time to get a little complex. First off, get the compass app on your smartphone (they should all have one) and then locate every window that graces the west and south sides of your home. Once you have these, label them with a ribbon or something and then get into the habit of leaving them open in the day (the low sun will warm your house) and then draw them as soon as the sun disappears (to trap that heat in).

  1. Get Clever With The Oven

Every night you cook dinner. We know we’re being presumptuous, but that is quite standard. However, when you are finished cooking, plated up and you have turned your oven off, instead of shutting the door, try leaving it open. This will encourage the hot air to heat your home instead of just letting it go to waste. Of course, you should ignore this if you have kids. And, please, make sure it is off.

  1. Your Biggest Fan

If you have ceiling fans, then a great way to keep a room warm is to flick them into reverse mode. This will ensure it sucks the nasty cold air upward while pushing the warm air down and that is going to make you a few notches warmer. It’s gotta be worth a try, right?

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