The many benefits of producing an internal corporate newsletter

Any Australian business organisation worth its salt continually looks for ways to be more productive. While some may concentrate on the service or products that they can provide along with formulating a robust marketing strategy, far too many forget the importance of their employees.

It is they that make the difference between success and failure. Making them feel part of the team, respected, and a vital cog in the machine can make a huge difference and see morale boosted when thought is put into things. Of course, everyone likes a wage increase, but that’s not always possible, but including them so that they receive a corporate newsletter along with external sources can often make them feel like they are in the loop and their efforts are appreciated. 

● Such a newsletter can have huge benefits for everyone who receives it, but it needs to be professionally put together. It might be an ideal project for an employee, especially if for internal use. Whether it is printed material or delivered digitally, it is important to get some advice and plan things properly to gain the best results and so that it’s not quickly thrown away or deleted from an inbox without being read.

● Several employees might be chosen to edit and produce a newsletter, with collective ideas often making it more interesting to its readership. It can cover a multitude of topics, though the adage that less is often more is relevant as it’s important not to overwhelm a recipient with a large tome that might put the off. While it can contain lots of things appertaining to the organisation it might include special features such as tips on choosing the right hiking boots to enjoy the great Australian outdoors.

● While keeping it entertaining is important, it is a fantastic way of getting a message across, perhaps a gentle reminder about company policy, and staff news. For instance, anyone about to leave can be offered thanks while new members can be welcomed to the fold. Anyone celebrating a milestone or new member of a family can be congratulated. All is good for building employee relations and encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

● New developments within an organisation can be communicated, which might mean news of new clients coming on board or news of increased orders which might offer the chance of overtime to those who want it. A thank you message can be offered by management with their regular message and update, which keeps everyone informed. Maybe a group trip to a local theatre might be advertised.

● The increased employee engagement can often lead to improved productivity and a better atmosphere in the workplace when a structured approach is used. Sometimes fun items such as a quiz might increase its readership, while the organisation takes responsible steps to transmit important information and keeping everyone informed.

A corporate newsletter has many benefits to any organisation that wants to increase employee engagement and offer all a feeling of belonging when it is structured and produced professionally.

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