The Most Gorgeous Green Spaces to Check Out on Your Next London Visit

When it comes visiting London, you may naturally think that it is a bit of a concrete jungle. It tends to get quite crowded, so the very idea that there could be any green spaces in the UK’s capital can come as quite a shock. But there are actually quite a few large gardens that you just have to visit. They’re the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll or even a quick picnic – and here are our top suggestions. 

Hampstead Heath

This gorgeous park is a 320-hectare grassy spread of fountains, trees and flowerbeds. It’s perfect for dog walks, picnickers and nature walkers, and is even home to a lot of unique animals like muntjac deer and parakeets. You can even take a quick dip the heath’s swimming ponds. The ponds are open nearly all year round, just keep in mind they tend to get very cold during winter. 

Battersea Park

If you want to see a park that has it all, Battersea is the perfect place for you. Not only does it have a great view of the Thames and The Pump House (an art gallery) but you can catch a glimpse of a family-run zoo that has lemurs, meerkats and wallabies. If you want some peace and quiet from hectic London life then check out the Buddhist London Peace Pagoda. This beautiful area is covered in cherry blossom trees and has four large bronze Buddha sculptures overlooking the Thames. 

Dorset Square

Whilst this may only be a small park, it used to actually be an old cricket ground that was established in 1787. Once you have located the best Dorsett Hotel, city of London has to offer, then feel free to visit this vast oval park and explore the flowerbeds and holly, cherry and magnolia trees. There is also a wooden shelter and wooden kiosk for you to enjoy. It’s perfect for people who just enjoy simple pleasures and want a nice quiet spot to enjoy a picnic. You can also appreciate that Sir Laurence Gomme (early creator of the Blue Plaques Schemes), George Grosssmith (Co-Author of The Diary of a Nobody) and Dodie Smith (author of 101 Dalmatians) lived in the residence opposite.

Dulwich Park

Now this is a bit of a park of all trades. Not only is it charming and peaceful, but it is perfect for sport lovers. You can get yourself lost in the flowers or can indulge in the large football pitches and tennis courts. The choice is up to you! There is even an outdoor gym that has spin bikes and table tennis, complete with paddles. Let’s also not forget about the lake. It is extremely large and you can hire out a boat out to explore it. 

You will love spending time in this park, especially when you hear the gossip about a famous statue named “Three Perpetual Chords”, which was commissioned to replace a Barbara Hepworth sculpture stolen from the park back in 2011. How is that for a claim to fame?!

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