The Ordinary Moments

Soft play centres can quite often do my head in. Loud and noisy kids and mums just busy drinking their Costa to be bothered that their child is whacking mine on the head. We only go ever so often, when I’m feeling brave enough.

We were there recently and I witnessed the loveliest thing – my two littles playing together so nicely. They only do it occasionally at home as Max can be quite protective of his ‘stuff’ and Chloe, naturally, breaks it all of messes it up. But they were just so sweet together and Max was being so protective of her if there were other kids around.

I really hope they have such a great friendship as they grow up. My siblings are my best friends so I hope they are each others too!

Heart. Melted.

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Rebecca x

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(apologies for the ghetto phone pic – it was all I had with me)!

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