Stroller Situation: Introducing Your Baby To The Outside World

Having a baby is an exciting, life-changing experience. In between catching up on sleep and caring for your baby, tired parents know the effort of looking after your baby properly is well worth the lack of sleep. At some point, parents become accustomed to being on call 24 hours a day, but this does not necessarily mean you can’t some time outdoors with your little bundle of joy.

Contrary to popular belief that parents should wait a certain time to leave the home (typical wisdom says six months) with the baby, the break from being cooped up indoors will do everyone some good. Dust down those old leggings you have not worn since your last your yoga class and take your baby on his/her first big trip into the outside world. Choosing from the right strollers in Melbourne, you will be able to tackle any terrain imaginable with confidence, knowing that your baby is comfortable and safe.

When it comes to choosing the stroller itself, that could be an whole other blog post! However, you could read the demi grow single to double stroller article from Nuna to give you some ideas about getting a stroller that will work for your little one and help you get your money’s worth but choosing one that will last as the baby (and family) grows.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can introduce your baby to the outside world with confidence.

Take Baby Steps

One way to get your baby acclimated to the outside world is to not overwhelm them. A small space like the back or front yard can be a great way to get your baby comfortable with the outdoors, and more importantly, with other people. Take advantage of the warm weather by spending time with your child in the yard. Neighbours who come and go will give your baby the opportunity to be around other people, so when you do go out, meeting strangers will not be so daunting.

When your baby is comfortable with the yard space, you can take him/her on a spin around the neighbourhood. Cul de sacs and other residential areas are great places for stroller walks because it gets them used to the outside, and they are once again, exposed to other people without much traffic.

Avoid Crowds

Too many people and too much noise can be very overwhelming to a baby too soon after birth. Again, larger spaces like parks and hiking trails are great places to travel with children on their first outings. There are baby carriers such as ring slings, wraps, or soft-structured carriers that make the logistics of carrying your baby much simpler.

Dress For The Weather

When the weather is mild in the spring and autumn months, it’s the perfect time to take your baby out to town. However, be sure to dress your little tyke in appropriate but comfortable clothing for the temperatures at opposite extremes. In the summer, light cotton clothing and hats can block out the sun.

In fact, parents can cover up a stroller with a cloth to block out the sun when necessary, and if possible, find shaded walkways and seating areas. A general rule of thumb is to expose newborns to a small amount of sun gradually and use sunscreen as you deem appropriate.

In the cold, wind, and rain, layer your baby in comfortable clothing while remembering to check that he/she does not feel overheated. Also, it can be a good idea to dress them in one layer more than an adult would wear.

Have A Plan Of Action

Babies will kick up a fuss and sometimes this can happen at the most inopportune times. These are unavoidable events and the best a parent can do is to prepare for these instances ahead of time and understand the reason for the behaviour.

Before leaving the home, devise a plan for crying and the garden variety temper tantrum in public places. This might mean heading to the nearest quiet space such as your car, a bathroom, or outside whatever establishment you might be in to deal with the situation appropriately.

Baby’s Day Out

To ensure that your first trip outside with your baby goes smoothly, be sure to pack all of the essentials. Water, nappies, and other comforts that make being outside bearable regardless of the elements are all important. Be sure to also bring bug repellents for babies older than two months to avoid pests during the summer months.

If in doubt, check with your paediatrician to get a second opinion on what you should bring with you. With the right preparation, you and your baby will be making trips outside more regularly in no time.

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