The Toddler and the iPad

We have an addict in our house.

An iPad addict.

Trying to pry away the iPad from our little one is like taking away alcohol to an alcoholic. Not even joking; he is obsessed. Firstly, we didn’t really even show him how to use it so he either learnt how to by watching us or it’s just in-built knowledge for this high-tec generation, either way it’s pretty impressive. Before he was speaking in sentences he knew how to unlock it and start up YouTube.

We are happy for him to use the tablet now and again as it is really useful for long journeys, trips to the supermarket or trying to keep him quiet in Church and he does seem to learn a lot from it so I wanted to share the apps that I think are best for toddlers.

Look at that concentration!

Disney Toy Story Reader : This is great. It reads out some of the story to your child but there are also songs from the films you can play and games that they can do such as rescuing each toy from a maze and colouring in different scenes from the films. Max loves this as he recognises lots of the characters.

– Cbeebies : You can’t go wrong! All games and characters that your toddler will know and a range of games to test different skills. Some are more advanced, like the alpha blocks game as it is spelling related, but other ones, such as Mr. Tumble are colour related and just involve touching the screen or drawing on the screen to make pictures / decorate items.

Chalk Pad : This is pretty basic but it’s really good for drawing and writing out letters, as it is as you would imagine, like drawing on a chalkboard. I will use this one with Max and draw something or write a number and have him recognise it. It works really well.

Sound Touch Baby Flash Cards : There are over 100 pictures and sounds of objects and animals so your toddler can swipe through and recognise each one and learn new things.

Fisher Price : There are several apps from Fisher Price such as Animal Sounds and Laugh and Learn with Shapes and Colours. They are pretty self explanatory as you might imagine, but it’s very engaging animation and keeps their attention really well.

If your toddler, like mine, quite likes YouTube, I would recommend the Busy Beavers channel – lots of education videos with numbers and colours. A lot of them are sung too so it’s catchy and familiar and Max can sing along.

What apps do you recommend?
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  • Each of my three kids is remarkably adept at using iPads and iPhones, with each mastering them by the age of two. Isn’t it amazing how intuitive it all is to them? Mine use many of the same apps (or similar) as yours, with various drawing apps being particularly popular. They’re all big YouTube fans too, although they’re now sophisticated enough that I need to look into limiting what they can accidentally stumble upon.

  • My son loves youtube and will watch anything with the minions in them. He is also obsessed with traffic lights, signs and level crossings. We have an understanding tho that before very video I have to approve of it if its okay for him to watch. I am so proud that he is responsible in that sense. Also I have to be there while he is using it so i can approve or reject videos. I dont want to deprive him of it. But of course he can only use it for a certain amount of time too. #BrilliantBlogPosts