The Ultimate Good Night’s Sleep Guide

A good night’s sleep is important. We are probably tired of hearing it. But why is something so important often so difficult to achieve? There can be many reasons that we’re sleeping poorly and many of them are self-inflicted. We could be addicted to our phone or computer screens – especially when we sit with them and scroll through in bed. Maybe we have some issues that are worrying us and keep us awake. Or perhaps it’s a physical issue. Our mattress and pillows might be letting us down or some other discomfort continually wakes us. Studies have indicated that sleep is important in every aspect of our health. From metabolism control to hormone regulation, memory to mood, sleep has an effect on all of them. Whatever the reason you’re not sleeping well, it’s time to take control.


Change Your Mind

Bed time can be one of the few times we can feel relaxed, safe, and focused on our own needs. Stressful workloads, financial worries, and family commitments have no place here. Get into the habit of mentally leaving them at the door of your bedroom. Very few things can be sorted out at night, and if you genuinely want to be proactive and productive get some decent rest! A good sleep may seem selfish but it is an investment in your whole environment. You are easier to talk to, more positive and effective, and genuinely more likely to live longer! Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Observe this principle on a mental and physical level. Try not to give any attention to negative thoughts.

Make A Nest

Make your room physically comfortable. Blankets and soft cushions can be a sumptuous, cosy addition. Soft lighting and battery-powered tea lights can be a safer option than candles but still set the mood. Also consider having a room spray or diffuser to fragrance the room with a calming scent. Some people swear by the medicinal properties of smell and others just like to have pleasant aromas. Make sure that your mattress suits your needs and that it has been replaced regularly. Research the best pillows for your usual sleep position. Those who sleep on their backs require different support from those who sleep on their sides, for example. Make your room a place that you associate solely with relaxation and sleep. Your brain will soon get the message that when you cross this threshold, it’s time to switch off.


Zero Distractions

Training yourself to fall asleep swiftly in silence is usually regarded as the best method. But it is not always easy to achieve right away. Enforce a screen and technology ban an hour before you head to bed. A book is better for your eyes let at night and doesn’t stimulate your brain to stay awake in the same way that screens do. If you really can’t handle things being too quiet, gentle music can be a good option.

Check Your Health

If you’re suffering from chronic insomnia with no obvious cause, it may be time to get a check up. The chances are that it is merely habit and probably stress. But it is a positive step to eliminate any underlying causes like a chemical imbalance or other health issue.

What do you think helps you to get a good night’s sleep?


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