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Living in the city or an urban environment, does mean you have less chance to enjoy a garden. There are many homes in London which have gorgeous gardens. However, these tend to be pretty pricey.

For most of us, we are lucky to own a small patio or courtyard; others may have to make do with a balcony or home-made roof garden. Of course, this doesn’t mean our gardens need to be any less spectacular, in fact often the very best outdoor spaces are the smaller ones. Here you have to be more creative, daring and bold.


One of the most important parts of your outdoor space will be your planters. A planter can be small or large depending on what you want to do with it. You can buy them, made by someone else, or you can create your own from upcycled wooden pallets. This will all depend on the style you want your garden to be.

Growing herbs is a pretty simple place to start, even in London, if you want to have produce which you can enjoy. Thyme is a very hardy plant which can be used with chicken and mushrooms to create delicious meals. Rosemary is another hardy herb which will survive through most conditions and can also be used as an odor neutralizer.  

Plants such as lavender offer you an incredible smell with really vibrant color, this can be used to break up gray or dull exteriors and can add a soft smell, you can use lavender in your home. Dried it will provide you with a delicate fragrance, or you could leave it in oil to create a scented oil to use in your diffusers.

If you want to cover an ugly wall or fence, use a climbing plant such as honeysuckle or jasmine, not only will these lovely flowers add a touch of class to your home they will also fill your garden with the most delicious smell.

Gardening in the city is great fun and gives you an opportunity that you wouldn’t get in the country. You are forced to be a little more creative; one such way is using an urban, or living, wall. This is a fantastic way of giving a flat some added green, not only are living walls fantastic for the environment but you don’t need space to create them. You can grow an eco wall inside, or outside your home and it will offer you an area of pure indulgence. Imagine reading on your balcony with the gentle scent of climbing flowers? Or being able to eat your dinner next to your few meters of a garden paradise.

There are so many ways you can build a gorgeous urban garden, and there are many secret gardens all around the city for you to draw inspiration from, don’t forget to look up too as many companies are now using their roofs to grow delicate and lovely flowers. We are in a modern age with modern gardens all around us. Create your own and enjoy your city home a little bit more!

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