The Virtues of Getting Married Just Outside of London

Booking your wedding inside central London can be a stressful affair. Arranging for relatives to be carted through busy traffic and ensuring everyone can get to the venue in time via public transport can cause plenty of stress on your big day. By straying just outside of the tube map you will find not only beautiful venues but also a free and easy cosmopolitan attitude, just as you would in Shoreditch or anywhere else in the Big Smoke. While you won’t be in the beating centre of London, you can still enjoy views of the Thames while sipping on your glass of champagne. 

Quieter, less busy receptions 

Booking your reception venue in London can be a bit of a dicey affair. After all, you will be competing with London’s other residents who might also be looking for a central wedding. Venues such as the Corner House pub have plenty of experience in catering to large groups, but in a far less busy area. 

A peaceful nights sleep

Chances are, the night before and after your wedding you’ll be travelling with the bridal party and groom’s men in tow. Having space and peace and quiet to relax in before your big day is crucial to keeping a cool head before the big event. Staying overnight in the centre of London can be anything other than quiet, and you’ll get far less bang for your buck. You can also find activities to do on the day before your wedding. You could spend your day visiting Windsor Castle, for example, and enjoying views of the rolling countryside. 

Excellent transport links

The truth is that, even if you’re based just outside London, you will still have excellent transport links to the town you base yourself in. To the east you will benefit from Greater Anglia, to the west it’s Great Western Railway and in some areas you may even still get to use TFL. This is ideal if you still have plenty of family and friends traveling over from the London area. 

Stunning views 

Once you leave the city, you will start to enjoy more views of the countryside. Essex is full of rolling hills and wide expanses of countryside and Windsor enjoys some of the finest country parks in Britain. Surrey is located just below London and has some superb areas of natural beauty, which include some of Britain’s finest landscape gardens

Spend a getaway in London

Just because you choose not to spend your big day in London doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it as part of your wedding celebrations. You could easily spend a night in a London hotel with your hen party, or even make it part of your honeymoon. 

London may have the glitz and glamour of showbiz life, however, it can also be an expensive place to host your wedding. Getting married just outside of London not only opens up more affordable options, but also better, greener views of the British countryside. 

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