Things Change

Things change.

All sorts really, but particularly when you have a baby.

It’s annoying to say but it is one of those ‘have to have done it’ to understand fully quite how things change.

I knew all that was going on in the world of celebrities and reality TV, up to date on current affairs and well acquainted in ‘the arts’. Now the only arts I’m involved in is finger painting and the extent of my celebrity knowledge is who is the new cBeebies cast member.

One of the major things I have found to change though is time and how I spend it.

When you have young kids, a typical day can include, but is not limited to, providing constant attention from the second you wake up (or are woken up) and get them out of bed, to getting them breakfast and then cleaned and dressed. The attention then goes to ensuring they are kept out of harm’s way; to answering their cries or questions, to keeping them from destroying books at the library or emptying shelves at the supermarket. The attention then turns to being one step ahead so they don’t get too hungry, tired or bored.

Basically it is needing 40 minutes to do what would normally take 10.

It is being constantly aware and watching, constant use of your voice, constantly putting the needs of your child’s above anything else. It’s doing all this, whilst teaching virtually everything. You teach your children to speak, how to be well mannered, to be safe, to be good, developing creativity and empathy.


textingI use to be on top of everything. Organising all sorts, meeting up with friends but lately I’m all on if I even remember to text a friend back. I mean, I usually reply but it is usually at least 48 hours later. Why is this how I spend my time now?

Being a parent is a choice, yes. And a most wonderful joy. But in my opinion, when you have spent all day, every day, parenting, as much of a joy as it is, that when you get 10 minutes to yourself, you just want to be alone for a little rest and alone with your thoughts, to make some mental plans or figure something out. Quite often I’d rather be doing that instead of messaging or calling a friend.

So sorry, friends. I am a bit MIA. I hope you can understand why, because it probably won’t be changing for a while.

Super Busy Mum

Rebecca x

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  • I get that completely – 10 mins spare is time to pluck my eyebrows, 20 mins spare have a shower and wash my hair, 40 mins have a bath. I would rarely get longer than that anyway lol #sharewithme

  • I know what you mean! Sometimes all I want is a quiet corner and my book! I think it does get easier as they get bigger but with a 4yr old & 1yr old I barely know what is going on outside my 4 walls – thank goodness for news bulletins in the car radio, at least that keeps me updated with the highlights! #MMWBH

  • I think most parents will associate with this. There are so many things we did pre-kids that we have given up through not having the time. And that has only increased with the arrivals of numbers two and three. Indeed, I look back on what we did when we just had the one child and marvel at all the time we had back then, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time!

  • I am the same i have no idea who is in big brother , i no longer read celebrity magazines and don’t even know who is at no one in the charts anymore. My eyebrows are overgrown, my house is always a mess even though all i feel like i do is clean. And when my friends text i never get the chance to reply and i can’t even remember the last time i met up with them x #sharewithme

  • Oh me too. Been like this for a few years now, since the twins were born. Trying so hard to keep on top of things but struggling sometimes! I mostly get it right but sometimes don’t and I always feel bad. Think we all understand though 🙂 Jess x

  • This is so true! I’m really bad a messaging my friends back because like you said the limited time you have to yourself you just want to forget everything! It’s totally exhausting just keeping up with a child for a day but also so worth it xx

  • Definitely a huge change. My youngest is 7 and graduating from Kindergarten. I feel like I’ve been coming up for air over the past year or so.

  • Don’t worry darling it will get back to an easy flow of life. All your followers and readers will understand and be here waiting for your may stories to recount when you return. It really does change our time frames of life for a while when we have a baby. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you are enjoying my blog hop and thanks for all the linky support! #sharewithme