Things You Need to Know When Buying a Mattress for Heavy People

Your choice of mattress will first and foremost depend on your personal preference. However there are some guidelines that may help you choose the best one for you. So today, we will be discussing important key points when buying a mattress that will be perfect for people who are on the heavy side.

  • One of the factors that you need to consider is the support that the mattress can provide. The crucial question is, can the mattress support your weight? This is not just about the durability; it is also for your comfort and health.
  • The recommended thickness for overweight people is anywhere between 10 to 12 inches. The heavier you are, the thicker the mattress that you need. It is all about the decompression support that it can provide. Basically, if you are on the heavy side, you will naturally put in more pressure on the mattress, so, if it is not thick enough, it will not be able to give enough back support.
  • When it comes to firmness, there are many options as well. In general, the heavier you are, the firmer the bed that you need. This is vital to prevent too much sagging. A firm mattress will also give you much better support.
  • Most heavy people, according to polls and studies, prefer medium firm for mattresses. They have been reported to give the best support. In addition to this, it also boasts the ability to maintain its shape all throughout the night giving you a more comfortable sleep. Just remember that firmness is quite a subjective factor though, so it will still depend on one’s preference.
  • Probably one of the most overlooked considerations when it comes to mattresses for heavy people is edge support. This is especially important if you want to assess the longevity of the brand you are buying. If it provides excellent edge support, you will not have a sagging problem right away. So, basically, it can help with the longevity of your mattress. For this, experts recommend innerspring or hybrid.
  • Innersprings and latex are very popular. This is mainly because of the fact that they provide good ventilation. As we all know, one of the problems if you are on the heavier side is that you tend to feel hot easily. This can result to a lot of sleepless nights and even sour mood throughout the day. With innerspring and latex, you will not toss and turn all night anymore since they can disperse heat quite effectively. If you prefer memory foam, then go for the advanced open cell type because it uses technology to make sure that you will stay cool.
  • For those who do not have night sweats and hot episode problems, you can still choose foam mattresses if you want. Actually, there are people who love it because they can provide great support. This type also can also relieve pressure points, which is essential especially if you have back pains.
  • The price range of mattresses is quite extensive. Since there are many options, there are also many prices to choose from. Just remember that you should never sacrifice quality. Just because a mattress is affordable, you should choose it already over the more expensive one. Do a thorough research first to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.
  • If you choose something that is affordable, but low in quality, you will spend more in the long run since you will need to replace the mattress after a shorter period of time. On the other hand, if you buy something that is expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is better. So, the important thing to do is to do your own research to see what best fits not only your budget, but your needs as well.

These are just some of the important things that you need to remember when it comes to buying a mattress for heavy people. Always keep in mind that it all comes down to one’s preference. Just use this guide to make the best choice despite of having so many options available.

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