Things to look forward to…

We have some family things to look forward to in the next few months! My sister Emma and her finace Mark Holness are getting married on September 5th. Mike and I get back from the US on September 3rd so I am going to be one very jet-lagged bridesmaid! I just hope I still fit into my dress… They make a good couple and will then be off to start their newlywed life in Austria, as for part of their studies they both have a year abroad working. It will be the second child that my Dad has married as a Bishop, the wedding will be ‘up north’. They are going to their honeymoon in Egypt.

Mike’s brother Rob gets back from his LDS Mission in Scotland at the end of September. He will be back just before his 21st Birthday (26th September) so parties all round. On Rob’s birthday, one of Mike’s closest friends, Russell Carr is getting married and Mike has been asked to be a best man along with Russell’s younger brother Jeremy. Think Mike will crack on with his seech once the exam is over. Russ is gettin married to Amy Page, we are so excited for them ‘cos we love being married!

My brother David gets married in December (29th) to his lovely fiancee Gemma. They make such a cute couple and we think that Gemma is great- she is hilariously funny! The wedding will be down south in London, so close to us in sunny surrey. They are going island-hopping in the Carribbean for their honeymoon.

Will keep you posted of any othet news. I know my mum is just wating to have grandchildren. By the end of the year with 4 children married, I wonder who will be first?!?

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  • Am I your first ever comment???? Oh how special!! First off, welcome to America! That is so fun you can be there for so long. Are you able to see Rachel at all? I think you may see my family this Sunday at Angie's homecoming! Give Kristen and her a big hug for me! And if you find yourselves wanting to take a trip out to Hawaii, we will take good care of you guys!! Love ya Becs!