Things to Remember When Creating Your Dream House

Home renovation is a long, drawn out process but it is incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re a first time renovator or a seasoned pro, everyone has their fair share of “why didn’t I think of that?” moments when the renovation is complete – and when it’s too late. So, minimize your chance of regret by taking on board all of the tips known to man before you’re knee deep in tiling and plastering.

10 things to remember when creating your dream house:

Consult a construction lawyer

As well as building a house that you love, home renovation can be an enjoyable way to increase the value of your home or property. It’s a good idea to consult with a construction lawyer if you’re starting a new project and need to make sure that you’re following local and federal building regulations or if you need legal assistance.

Plan, plan and plan some more

If you have a good idea of what you want in your home before you start building the ride will be so much smoother. Once things start moving there will be a whirlwind of decisions being thrown at you daily. Time is money when you are building a house and it is extremely stressful to have to slow things down because you just can’t decide what tile you want in the bathroom. Write lists, make mood boards – make as many choices as you can before you start!

Make a budget… But prepare to go over

Unfortunately, it’s true. Some things are going to be unexpected and some things are just going to end up costing more than you anticipated.


If choices need to be made for budgetary or scheduling purposes, prioritize. For example start with kitchen and bath renovations, which will add ease and comfort to your home and ultimately lead to a bigger return on your investment.

It has to get worse before it gets better

Living through a home renovation can by a trying experience—one that’s often filled with dust, exhaustion, and plenty of take away food. Even the most meticulous of contractors can’t keep dust and dirt from flying everywhere, so know that your house will not be as clean as you would typically keep it, and try not to let that bother you. If you think it will be too much for you to handle, it’s not out of the ordinary to rent a place to stay, go on holiday, or live with friends or family for a few critical weeks until the home is a bit more “liveable.” 

Think about furniture placement early on in the design phase

It’s important to think about how the furniture layout will work before you dive right in and build. Where will your table and chairs go? Beds? Is there really enough room to fit the furniture you want as well as move around your space comfortably?

First impressions count

The first impression of your house is your front door. If you are unable to change the door completely and if your existing door is in a good condition then why not try repainting your door to make it your own? Having a shiny new door early on in the process will give you a glimmer of hope every time you return home to your ‘work in progress.’ 

Write everything down

When you’re dealing with contractors, suppliers, or tradesmen, quite often mistakes are made and sometimes there are miscommunications along the way. Write everything down to avoid misplaced warranties or the wrong size units ordered.

Extra Materials

Ask for a leftover set of each type of tile, carpet, grout, wallpaper, brick, paint and trim for future repairs and remodeling.  After getting each, catalog the exact manufacturer and description of each in a document in case you need more than the leftover amount or can no longer read the label.

It’s going to take longer than you think

Just about everything involving a renovation or remodel will take longer than you or the builder will anticipate. Be patient and try and stay positive. 

Renovating a home is a lot of work, especially for the homeowner. Maintain your vision and you will be relaxing in your luxury, new living room before you know it. Good luck!

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