Top Things To Do on a Trip To Iceland

Looking for a winter getaway? Can’t decide where to go next? Well, an Icelandic adventure could be the change of scenery you’re looking for. Iceland is an incredible destination with more people than ever before wanting to visit. But why is everyone booking flights to Iceland? Why has it become all the rage? Until you’ve actually been to Iceland, you won’t fully appreciate the statement, ‘it’s like being in another world’ – and I think this is why so many people want to experience it, because it’s so different.

Apart from its awe-inspiring landscapes and famous Northern lights, there are actually lots of really fun and unique things to do.

Here are a few suggestions:


The Blue Lagoon:

This is where your most magical instagram memories will be captured. Hop into your swimwear and prepare to explore this misty aired lagoon. Sliding off your towel in the cold and running into warm water is something you’ll never forget! With different areas to check out, you won’t get bored once in the lagoon. From the face mask and massage areas to the swim-up bar; sip on a smoothie and relax.

The Golden Circle:

Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Golden Circle National Park has unforgettable natural and geographical uniqueness.

Diving or Snorkeling the Silfra Fissure:

Silfra is the only place where one can dive or snorkel directly in the crack between two continental plates. The underwater visibility is over 100 meters, which creates an underwater experience that will rarely, if ever, be surpassed.

Quad biking across Iceland:

Riding an all-terrain quad bike is the perfect way to explore the remote, rugged landscape surrounding Reykjavík. Riding up steep mountain tracks and often-icy terrain to the second of the twin peaks, Mt Úlfarsfell. The summit here offers even more breathtaking views of the otherworldly Icelandic countryside and attractions like Mt Esja and the Blue Mountain range.

Whale Watching:

Learn about some of Iceland’s most majestic native wildlife from an onboard guide. Keep your eyes peeled for harbour porpoises, white-beaked dolphins, minke whales and humpbacks.


Gullfoss Waterfall:

Gullfoss is one of the largest falls in Europe; the great power that is released from this waterfall is just something else. There are several views of the falls and each perspective offers something different- they are so worth taking the time to see.

Try new and exciting food:

The entire country’s population lives on the coast – and fishing is still the number one industry in Iceland so it may not come as a surprise to you that fish and chips are on almost every menu, and said to be some of the best in the world. Aside from this, Iceland are famous for their hot dogs, meat soup, rye bread, smoked meat, yoghurt and liquorice.

Explore the streets of Reykjavík:

Full of colour and culture, have a wander through charming boutiques and then come nightfall, the streets are alive with restaurants, bars and clubs.


So, maybe you’re frantically adding Iceland to your bucket list. But before you make holiday preparations, you may benefit from some do’s and don’t’s when in Iceland.

Tips whilst travelling to Iceland:

  1. It’s absolutely essential to hire a reliable car whilst holidaying in Iceland. Not only will you be covering a serious amount of miles to ensure that you see as many of Iceland’s natural wonders as possible, but Iceland is renowned for its vast uninhabited landscapes – and the last thing you need is to be stranded with a flat tyre when visiting the Blue Lagoon. From my experience, there isn’t any other way to see the country than by car, so it really is a must. If you’d like to rent a car in Iceland then you’ll find some pretty competitive prices.
  2. Make sure you pack a variation of clothes – one minute you’ll be in the snow (so be prepared with warm clothes and appropriate footwear) the next minute you’ll be in a swimsuit hopping into a natural spring.
  3. Start with an itinerary. Iceland is the kind of country where you really need to plan in advance and know what you want to do, particularly if you’re travelling with family or in a group. Geographically, everything is spread out so you’ll want to organize yourselves to minimize driving time.
  4. Visiting at Christmas will bring your trip onto another level of incredible! For a start you’re almost guaranteed a white Christmas in Iceland so you can visit ice caves, go glacier hiking or snowmobiling. The Northern Lights often appear during the Holiday Season in Iceland which is magical. The sky is also lit up with phenomenal fireworks on New Year’s Eve for hours on end.

Take on board our tips and enjoy a relaxing yet adventurous holiday in a destination like no other. Have you ever been? Would love to hear what you think!

Rebecca x


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