This Is One For The Guys

It’s sometimes easy in life to forget that a man thrives off of confidence too. There is so much time spent, telling a woman that she deserves to feel good about the way that she looks. It can be easy that men need to be aware of this too! It’s crucial that a man has high-self esteem. Not only because of the way he looks but because he feels loved. Guys are increasingly vulnerable to mental health issues. It can be harder for a man to open up about the struggles in his life. Suicide is actually one of the biggest killers of men, and that is a horrible thing. Every single person should feel loved and appreciated. They should be able to open up about what is upsetting them. They should also be free to make whatever change they want in their life without it being scrutinised or judged.

If a man wants to wear makeup to cover a spot or wear a brightly coloured top to work one day – he should be allowed to do these things without ridicule! If it helps someone feel more confident in themselves and happier in their skin, then no one should stop them from doing anything. There are so many little things that a man can do to instantly boost their mood and their appearance. Don’t be resigned to the fact that it’s women that get to have all of the fun! There are things guys can do too!


Accept that mistakes happen

Stubbornness is apparent in every gender. It is absolutely not limited to men. It’s a hard one to get your head around sometimes, though. The saying goes, that pride comes before a fall. This is mostly a true statement. If you know that you are on the wrong path, or you are in the middle of an argument that is pointless, the best thing you can do is back down. This is an incredibly classy move that requires a hint of bravery and a whole lot of humility. Don’t be afraid of looking silly and laugh at yourself! Don’t take it all so seriously! Everybody is wrong sometimes, and that’s ok! Making mistakes is important as it gives you the chance to learn from them. You will grow as a person.

Give up on the beard

We’re not saying that everyone needs to give up on the beard! If you are able to grow a luscious, thick and healthy looking beard, you should absolutely keep it! Beards are so trendy at the moment; it is a fun thing to do. They can also look super cool if they are well looked after. But if you are only able to grow a patchy 5 o’clock shadow, it may be time to shave that thing off. Patchy, overgrow stubble isn’t the strongest look. It can actually make you look a little disheveled and disorganised. If your patchy beard makes you happy, though – by all means, keep it!

Watch the details

Imagine you’re out on a hot date, enjoying the company of a super cute lady. You suddenly look down and realise you haven’t trimmed your fingernails and they are super long! Of course, in some cultures longer nails are viewed as attractive, but it can be a sign that you’re not taking care of yourself. It’s actually a really nice thing to maintain a regular beauty routine. Take care of your skin and don’t be afraid to try out different moisturizers and creams. Have your hair-cut at a slick hairdressers and spend ages looking for beautiful shoes if you like. If you have a thinning hairline that you’d like to sort out, finasteride 1mg tablets will help you on your journey to regrowth. If you aren’t satisfied with how you look, make your move and change it! You are the one that is in control, and only you can make things happen.

Focus on the good stuff

Practicing gratitude and opening your eyes to the many good things in your life will almost certainly give you a little life boost. You probably have an abundance of things that you are proud of in your life. When you’re feeling down on yourself, though, it can be hard to spot the wood for the trees. Give yourself a little headspace and give yourself a pat on the back! It’s important to congratulate yourself on getting this far. You’re being amazing.


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